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    Hot Toys MMS Resident Evil: Afterlife - ALICE

    Milla Jovovich receives a "HOT" toy...

    Hot Toys' MMS Resident Evil: Afterlife ALICE is IN-STOCK and ready to order through Sideshow Collectibles. FLEXPay is available as a payment option.

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    News Flash: You don't have to be a fan of the live-action Resident Evil movies to appreciate Hot Toys' new "Alice" 1:6th scale action figure. That's because: A) It's Milla Jovovich, B) It has lots and lots of cool guns, and C) It's Milla Jovovich. The Russian-born actress is, let's just say it, HOT. Combine that sizzling beauty with an over-the-top action role and you have yourself a bona fide idol of nerd worship. Bottom line is that Milla Jovovich as Alice is the ideal receipe for an action figure collectible - and Hot Toys is here to show you why.

    Just released at retail, Hot Toys' Movie Masterpiece Alice is based on the heroines exciting new look in Resident Evil: Afterlife, the most recent (and best) entry in the popular video game film series. Alice retails for around $164.99, which is the entry level price tag for a Hot Toys figure these days. Compared to say, Iron Man, Alice is a rather bare bones release. However, rest assured that fans will be pleased with the exceptional head sculpt and small arsenal of weapons. Bare bones in the world of Hot Toys is still an exceptional product.

    Reflecting that "entry level" quality of the figure is a packaging presentation, that while nice, is far from some of the exceptionally creative work Hot Toys has done in the past. One unique touch is how Hot Toys printed the front panel graphics horizontally. It's quite different than the straight up and down we typically see and is welcome change of pace. Held shut my hidden magnets (I love these!), the front flap flips open to reveal Alice and her wealth of accessories. The window effect is pretty cool, Hot Toys capturing the in-your-face 3D visuals of the movie with a shattered glass pane. Overall, a box well done, but nothing groundbreaking.

    One advantage to owning a more portrait-heavy figure release like Alice is that there's very little you have to do to enjoy your purchase. Just slap some guns in her hands and start to ogling. The first thing collectors will notice, is of course the head sculpt. Hot Toys has a pretty solid track record when it comes to hyper-realistic portraits, though on occassion they do miss the boat on dead-on likenesses (ahem, Kevin Flynn). Alice, thankfully, is a success story. To this discerning eye, the Alice head sculpt is every bit the beautiful Milla Jovovich I know and love. Of particular note are the eerily realistic "wet" eyes that add a spark of life to the sculpt and her slightly parted glossy lips. It's not the most action-oriented expression, but the sultry look works well enough for display purposes.

    One odd thing with the head sculpt is Hot Toys' inclusion of two alternate hair styles. Using a powerful magnet on the top her head, the two pieces - short and long hair - swap out to give Alice a different screen-accurate look. To be honest, however, there really isn't that much of a difference between the two hair pieces to warrant this feature, if one was even needed in the first place.

    The difference is extremely subtle. Hard-pressed to choose and I'd go with the "long" hair, but I think Hot Toys' P.E.R.S. (parallel eye rolling system) would have been more justified as a feature.

    Moving along, the figure comes pre-dressed in a skin tight outfit consisting of a black body glove, tactical vest, weapon harness, wool leg wrappings, molded plastic boots and two arm sleeves. Everything here is well-tailored and form-flattering - the latter which was essential to get right if you wanted an attractive Milla Jovovich action figure.

    The only part of the outfit that fans will have to fiddle with are the arm sleeves. Removing them is necessary in order to take off the protective plastic the figure's forearms originally come wrapped in. You'll also have to remove them if you want to place Alice in her winter coat, a bonus piece of clothing Hot Toys throws in to replicate certain scenes from the movie. While the jacket's inclusion is a nice gesture, I really don't see many collectors using it. I know I won't be, her other look is infinitely more appealing. Less, in this case, is more.

    Lastly we come to what makes Alice tick as a zombie-slaying superstar, her cool cache of weapons. Taking a cue from John Woo, (almost) everything Alice packs comes in pairs for awesome dual wielding action. Included are:

    - Two (2) Smith & Wesson Model 460V Revolvers (w/ swing out cylinders)
    - Two (2) Kukri Knives
    - Two (2) 12 Gauge Sawed-Off Double Barreled Shotguns (opening w/ removable shells)
    - Two (2) Heckler & Koch MP5K Submachine Guns (w/ removable clips)
    - One (1) Japanese Katana
    - One (1) Extending Baton (noncollapsible)

    What's really neat for display is that nearly all the weapons have a place on Alice's harness. The two revolvers fit in vertical shoulder holsters, the shotguns stash on her back and the sword slides down the middle. While there is no designated slot for the knives and baton, you can easily stow them on the belt of the harness, front or back.

    The MP5s are less fortunate. If you are like me, you'll have her gripping the two guns - problem solved. If you want them holstered, you'll have to get creative. There is small ring attachment on the butt of each weapon where you could possibly rig them to hang from her harness. Otherwise you'll just have to make due with them firing or spent and cast to the ground.

    To help Alice along with her arsenal, Hot Toys provides several extra sets of hands: gun-firing, sword-clutching and open and relaxed. Bonus wrist pegs are also included in case you snap one swapping the hands out - a nice touch - although I had no issues performing the task. A prerequisite 12-inch figure display stand completes the extras. It's far from necessary as Alice stands just fine on her own, although it's probably best to have for prolonged shelf display. Never know when another Virginia earthquake will hit

    Say what you will, but I really liked Resident Evil: Afterlife. It was a mindlessly fun, action-packed flick filled with plenty of eye-candy, Milla Jovovich included. If you're a fan like me that got excited when Hot Toys announced an Alice figure, then you'll be happy to know she came out amazing. Non-fans are going to be a little bit more hard-pressed to purchase Alice, especially priced at $164.99. Entry level Hot Toys figure or not, that's still a good chunk of change. Maybe this will help you decide: A) It's Milla Jovovich, B) It has lots and lots of cool guns, and C) It's Milla Jovovich.

    Hot Toys' MMS Resident Evil: Afterlife ALICE is IN-STOCK and ready to order through Sideshow Collectibles. FLEXPay is available as a payment option.

    Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

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    Re: Hot Toys MMS Resident Evil: Afterlife - ALICE

    Must have her! The toy!

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    Re: Hot Toys MMS Resident Evil: Afterlife - ALICE

    Good review Jeff!

    This is on my wish list of Hot Toys but my finances are tied to the new HT Predator figures at the moment. That and I still want Battle Suit Jill.

    And agreed this was the best RE movie thus far in my opinion. It's a fun, entertaining franchise and if you separate yourself from the video games for just a moment you may actually enjoy them.

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    Thumbs up Re: Hot Toys MMS Resident Evil: Afterlife - ALICE

    LOL @ that last pic!

    Great pics, great review, and especially great product!

    Oh how I wish some company would do Mila the same justice in highly-articulated 7" scale form too

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    Re: Hot Toys MMS Resident Evil: Afterlife - ALICE

    A dealer at a local place I go to had this figure! It is truly a thing of beauty! Worth every penny!


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