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Kaiyodo's new Sci-Fi Revoltech line has included several iconic film characters so far, including Predator, Aliens and even Marvel's Iron Man (read our review HERE). However, this collection would not be complete without some "robots in disguise," right? Thankfully Kaiyodo has just released this awesome new Optimus Prime figure based on the heroe's appearance in the latest Transformers feature film, Dark of the Moon.

The Revoltech Optimus Prime figure comes packaged within a square box with an opening window flap that attaches to the other side via a Velcro dot. Like all other Revoltech figures, Optimus comes within a pull out plastic tray with all of his accessories and additional hands. The box art consits of various full color images of the figure in various poses. The interior of the front lid features images from the film and a lot of text in Japanese. The back of the box features a visual guide on assembly and posing options.

The level of intricate sculpted details on this Revoltech figure are truly jaw-dropping. The figure looks just as if it jumped out of the screen with incredible movie-accurate details. A lot of the complex machinery, piping and wiring is evident in the sculpt. It is truly surprising to see this high level of detail in a 5” scale action figure, but the artists at Kaiyodo have pulled it off with flying colors.

The tires on the figure are made of real rubber and the pin-striping design on the door panels look great as well. The amazing details and sculpt on this Optimus Prime figure truly put all other versions to shame.

The paint applications on Prime are very vivid and accurately applied. The ruby red chassis and blue from the trailer components are painted in a semi-metallic and glossy enamel which really makes the figure stick out on a toy shelf next to other robot toys. The gray or metal parts of the figure are colored in a matte paint which contrasts beautifully against the shiny parts but there are still plenty of metallic silver-colored components such as the hands and piping which blend in harmoniously with the rest of Optimus’ deco. Although the head on Optimus is tiny, it is chock-full of detail and amazingly film-accurate.

The articulation on Optimus is fantastic thanks to the innovative Revoltech joint system. The figure can be placed in an endless array of dynamic poses that the Hasbro figures are unable to achieve. The Revoltech joints allow Optimus to posses human-like qualities in regards to the range of motion he has. The ratcheting joint technology on this figure allows the poses to stay in place easily which also keeps Optimus from falling over. The heavy artillery that Optimus includes on the other hand can prove to be a bit heavy at times causing the figure to tip over if the weight on the pose you place him in is not balanced out correctly.

Optimus includes several awesome blasters and add-on components that allow you to customize his weaponry and over-all look. The figure includes three pairs of interchangeable hands (open, closed fist and gun holding grip). The figure also includes two blasters which have peg holes allowing you to attach the additional parts to it to make an enormous hand cannon for Optimus. The parts can also be attached to the figure’s back to amp-up the Autobot leader’s look, ala Dark of the Moon style. Surprisingly, the only thing that is missing from this figure which have truly been the “cherry on top” is his flight pack with wings which he inherits from Jetstorm at the end of Revenge of the Fallen. Regardless of this, the Optimus Prime Revoltech figure is one hell of an awesome action figure.

This fantastic action figure is available for purchase now from priced at $59.99. I would strongly suggest heading over there and snatching one up for your collection before it sells out. Hopefully, Kaiyodo will continue producing more Transformers film figures to go along with this one, but nothing has been announced yet so let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

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