One, two more Freddy figures for you...

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Just in time for Halloween we are proud to bring you this advanced look at the upcoming second pair of Nightmare on Elm Street figures from NECA. This time around the third and fourth Nightmare films are represented with two very unique incarnations of everyone’s favorite dream-stalking boogey man Freddy Krueger.

The newest pair of Freddy figures come packaged within the same rectangular clamshell just like the first assortment and several other NECA collectible figures such as Gears of War. The insert graphics are new on each figure as each Freddy has an imge of its corresponding original theatical poster. The graphic insert behind the figure this time around is different from the previous wave as it features visual elements of a boiler room instead of the previous red and green-striped sweater element from the first assortment. The back of the package showcases both new Freddy figures and provides a little insight on the particular film each figure is based on.

The sculpted details on the new Freddy incarnations are truly amazing. Although both figures share the same lower body as the previous waves, the upper bodies on both Freddys are completely different from one another. The Dream Warriors Freddy has a brand new sculpt with ripped sweater exposing the front of his upper torso revealing all of the trapped sould of his victims from the iconic scene in the Third installment of the Nightmare saga. The numerous faces of Freddy’s victims are intricatelly detailed and look very impressive for a 6” scale action figure. This Dream Warriors Freddy also includes two unique interchangeable heads (closed mouth looking to the right and open mouth) that can be easily swapped out for various display purposes. The sweater sculpt is so detailed it even includes the torn off wrinkled portion hanging off on the side which is a very impressive detail which significantly enhances the overall figure’s look.

The Dream Master version of Freddy is the most unique Freddy figure ever made and the artists at NECA have truly have pulled off all the stops to create the ultimate interpretation from the fourth Elm Street film. This version of Freddy is the ultimate three-dimensional depiction of the iconic scene from the film in which Freddy’s vengeful victims tear out from within his body to rip him apart. There are numerous amazing details on this figure that are simply mind-blowing. The artists have done an amazing job in getting the details of Freddy’s vistims as movie-accurate as possible which proves once again how much of a labor of love this project was for the NECA team. There are several distorted arms tearing out through several parts on Freddy’s sweater and from his exposed chest and even one ripping out from the back of his head. The torn segment of Freddy’s sweater hangs off his waist line and there is even a semi complete victim coming out of Krueger’s right shoulder that looks amazing.

The true essence of each Freddy is vividly captured through the amazing color application work on both figures. The traditional red and green striped sweater is painted in much brighter and vivid paint this time around to depict the particular look from the third and fourth Elm Street films. The colors on Freddy’s skin are also much glossier and bright this time around to resemble the wet and slimy look Freddy’s flesh has in each film. Each one of Freddy’s unique head sculpts are painted flawlessly and truly bring out the awesome facial details that make this character such a memorable horror film icon. The miniature Elm Street house model included with the Dream Warriors Freddy is colored in a way that compliments its hand-made crafty attributes and popsicle stick-fabricated windows.

Both figures feature the same arm, torso and neck joints which allow collectors to pose either Freddy in several different ways. Aside from its standard anatomical articulation, the Dream Master Freddy features ball-socket limbs sticking out his torso from various angles. The articulated victim limbs adds a whole other level of coolness to the figure and there is even one arm that can be placed in Freddy’s mouth to make it look as if its trying to pull his jaw off. The joints are nice and sturdy on both Krueger figures and wile it would have been great if the arms on the Dream Warriors Freddy could have additional joints allowing hands to be placed in a way as if he was ripping his sweater off, the articulation on both figures compliments many other great poses to compensate.

It is truly awesome that NECA has taken the Nightmare films under their wing and given us such amazing and dramatically different interpretations of Freddy Krueger’s various look from the first four films. This second assortment of Nightmare on Elm Street figures is scheduled to see release in the next couple of weeks and will retail for around $15 each and while collector’s will not have these figure in time for Halloween, you can definitely count on Krueger to be there just in time for turkey-carving time.

Review and Photos by: Jorge Pelaez

Review Sample provided by: NECA