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    Blitzway 12" Tony Montana - SCARFACE

    Say hello to my little friend...

    Be sure to order your own Blitzway 12" Tony Montana from, a great source for all of your action figures and pop culture collectibles.

    After nearly 30 years, Scarface remains a cinematic masterpiece. Last month, we reviewed the blu-ray hi-def release of the classic Brian DePalma film (see HERE). Now, thanks to Blitzway, fans who've clamored for a highly detailed 1/6th scale action figure of the film's titular character - Tony Montana - can pick up not only a detailed figure of Scarface, but also an awesome set that includes some amazing accessories as well.


    Featuring a massive, solidly constructed black cardboard box with a die-cut square in the front through which shines the glossy surface of the "TM" symbol on the figure's base, the Tony Montana packaging is gorgeously made. The colors - black, white, and red - ensure the package stands out on the shelf while the durable cardboard and molded plastic interior (above) holds the figures securely on its way from the factory to your home. Overall, the package is gorgeous in its simplicity and made to keep the figure safe and sound.


    Beautifully sculpted and painted by Inae Kang, Blitzway brings to life actor Al Pacino in his 1983 role as Tony "Scarface" Montana. The former Cuban soldier and immigrant who would rise from a life as a lowly drug dealer to that of a criminal mastermind, Montana - in all of his glorious anger and angst - is captured here in 1/6th scale form (above).

    The head sculpt captures the down-turned lips, furrowed brow, and scared left cheek as seen on Pacino in the film. While this expression seems to obviously limit the way the figure looks on the shelf, it also gives the figure the signature look from the film which is instantly recognizable by fans.


    The figure features a unique 12" body made from ABS and PVC plastics. Featuring 36 points of articulation and two sets of interchangeable hands, the body also features a sculpted neck and chest by artist Kang which provide additional detail and a more realistic look.


    With a costume design by Jino Koo based on the character's original costume design by Patricia Norris, the figure features a double-button white dress suit, white belt, brown patten shoes (with magnets inside to help the figure stand), a long-sleeved purple-red dress shirt, a gold watch, gold rings, and two chains. All of these help make this figure an impressive collectible and accurate to the film.

    Other accessories include a leather underarm pistol holster, an M-9 Beretta pistol, a cigar, a black wooden base with "TM" metal plate (which helps the figure stand thanks to the magnets in the figure's shoes), and - most impressive of all - the massive "Tony Montana" chair seen in the film (below).

    This chair makes for an impressive set as it helps create an environment for the figure display. Considering many companies are expanding the 1/6th scale market to create dioramas and props, the simple fact Blitzway included the chair and base will reassure fans the company not only cares about collectors, but also wants to do things right the first time.


    Priced at $199.99, this figure's not cheap. Of course, it's also not aimed towards the casual collector. Instead, this figure will join the collections of those fans of the timeless criminal warlord who'll live on in cinematic infamy forever.

    Considering most high-quality 12" figures nowadays are running upwards of $150+, fans here are getting a solid figure with an excellent head sculpt and well-made 12" body, a well-made 1/6th scale costume, a few minor accessories, and one of the coolest 1/6th chair dioramas ever created - all for $200. All considered, that's a deal.

    If you're a die-hard fan of Tony Montana or if you're a collector of high-end 1/6th scale figures (like the Hot Toys' Godfather figure, pictured above), you need this figure in your collection. One of the most recognizable and popular characters in film history, Scarface has never looked so good, so accurate, or so cool. There's simply something about this figure that oozes awesomeness, criminal cool, and power.

    Be sure to order your own Blitzway 12" Tony Montana from today.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Additional accessories created for photo shoot include fake cocaine bricks and money stacks.
    These accessories are not included in the set.

    Review sample provided by

    - review by Jess Horsley
    - photos by Dagoberto Cabrera

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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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    Re: Blitzway 12" Tony Montana - SCARFACE

    This is a must have for any 1/6 scale collector. It is one of the best in my collection, and I have alot of HT and Sideshow. I can almost guarantee he will jump in price alot once BBTS sells out.

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