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    Star Wars 12-Inch CAPTAIN REX

    Clone Wars commander ready for combat...

    Captain Rex is currently in-stock through Sideshow Collectibles.

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    With Star Wars: The Clone Wars racing into season four, the popularity of Star Wars continues strong onto new generations. Sideshow Collectibles has not been blind to that and has produced several 1/6th scale figures inspired by the computer generated toon. What Sideshow doesn’t do, however, is make 'toonified versions of these characters, but instead treats them as one massive Star Wars Universe. A smart move as many of the buyers of these high-end collectibles are older fans of Star Wars who just so happen to become fans of the cartoon as well, myself included.

    As part of the MILITARIES OF STAR WARS collection, Sideshow has faithfully created Clone Trooper Captain Rex [CC-7567], Anakin Skywalker’s trustworthy second in command, complete with a swap out portrait that resembles a modified Temuera Morrison who plays bounty hunter Jango Fett. The helmet is crafted after the Attack of the Clones helmet design, though I’m pretty sure that in time we’ll be seeing some minor modifications as we get closer to the timeline of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

    The box for Captain Rex is very much identical to all previous 1/6th scale releases by Sideshow, complete with magnetic flap. What I love about this box design is that everything can be contained in one nifty package. With the amount of accessories included with this guy, the figure and stand are contained on one side while all the additional hands and weapons are self contained in another. What I appreciate most about the packaging is the amount of text and backstory that is included as well as the full color photography and completed stills from the animated series.

    The sculpt done for these Clones is really paying off as most of the armor have been recycled from previous Clone Troopers. Captain Rex comes with an Episode II style helmet as well as his switch-out portrait with a blonde colored hair-do, showing off his unique personality. The clone armor is perfectly executed with many other pieces that will be covered along with the accessories. There is a moving antenna piece on the helmet to watch out for, it’s not made of the strongest plastic and can possibly warp or bend if Rex were to fall over.

    The paint on the portrait is fine, showing a level of realism that one tends to forget about when looking at something Clone Wars related. The paint on the armor is also nicely detailed, with his signature design on his helmet. What Sideshow has done a little too much of is the airbrushing on the armor. I understand the need for some weathering but I think it could have been dialed back a touch in some areas. Overall, a very nice job on this figure.

    Captain Rex features over 30 points of articulation, all hidden underneath a black body suit but trust me, there’s enough joints to pose this guy in a multitude of great action stances.

    The accessories are the real winner here though and definitely make Captain Rex (and any other Clone Trooper) worth owning. There are six sets of hands and two sets of feet! The various hands allow Rex to hold his weapons or make an assorted number of hand signals and instructions to his fellow troops. Each hand has its own peg that can be easily removed and plugged into the wrists, something we should all be thanking our lucky stars for since the pegs don’t exactly pop out of the hands with ease. For the feet, we have our standard issue flat footed feet for the usual standing around but we also have a set that keep this clone on his toes… not to be used all at once but in a combination with the standard foot.

    And then there are weapons. The ones Rex is more famous for having are the Twin BlasTech DC-17 pistols that also fit into his fabric skirt holsters. For the heavier missions, he also has the BlasTech DC-15 Blaster Rifle and the BlasTech DC-15A Blaster.

    Also included for those special missions is a jetpack with magnetic attachments. This is kind of a hit and miss with me as it just goes directly on his back, but for me, doesn’t stay on very well nor does it make all much sense for it to connect the way it does. How would he really put it on? I’d prefer to see some way to plug in the jetpack personally, but it’s still great that it’s included, though I’ll most likely display him without.

    Captain Rex has an edition size of 3,000 pieces and can still be found on Sideshow’s webpage for $124.99. The exclusive edition with unique display stand is currently wait listed. If you’re interested in more Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker and several other Clones are also available for immediate shipping. These are great display pieces and perfect for the Star Wars fan in all of us.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Review Sample Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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