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    Sci-Fi Revoltech Exclusive IRON MAN MARK IV

    Tony Stark's hightech armor receives an action figure upgrade...

    The Sci-Fi Revoltech Exclusive IRON MAN MARK IV is available now at

    For a great selection of toys and collectibles, visit

    Kaiyodo's state-of-the-art Revoltech technology has been incorporated into many fan favorite licenses such as Godzilla, Trigun and Queen's Blade, to name a few. The new Sci-Fi Revoltech series has showcased several iconic film characters such as Jason Vorhees, Aliens, and Predator and now they have added Marvel films into the mix as well. Kicking things off with Iron Man 2, the brand new Sci-Fi Revoltech Exclusive Mark IV has made its landing in the U.S. and is ready for some action.

    Due to it’s exclusivity, the Mark IV Iron Man does not come packaged in the same way as other Sci-Fi Revoltech figures. This exclusive mail-away version from Figure King magazine in Japan features a unique cardboard box with red print. The package has a very simple yet industrial look to it which is pretty cool. The back of the box features some red print images of the figure in various poses along with the Sci-Fi Revoltech logo. The package opens up like a pizza box and the Iron Man figure sits in a plastic tray with all his accessories.

    The sculpt work on this figure is rendered incredibly well but there are certain parts of the body that look a bit awkward. The sculpt is very film-accurate as a whole and blends in well with Marvel Legends since the figure is almost six inches tall. What stands out the most out of this figure is the repulsion blast hands and the ignition blast clouds base that the figure can be placed on which makes Iron Man seem as he is blasting off into the sky.

    The Revoltech technology gives the Mark IV Iron Man the ability to be posed in several poses that other figure incarnations simply cannot achieve. This is the very first Iron Man action figure that can actually pull of the iconic Adi Granov ground punching pose thanks to its one-of-a-kind articulation. The Mark IV is incredibly versatile and can be placed in an extensive amount of dynamic poses but there is one minor drawback, the figure does not stand up on its own very well on its own. The only base the figure comes with is the ignition blast so unless you have the figure in a crouching pose, it tends to fall over easily because of its lightweightedness. It is disappointing that Kaiyodo did not include a display stand as they do with most of their Revoltech figures. This Iron Man figure would have been 10 times better if he would have included a tiny hole in the middle of his back that you could insert a transparent armature to for various action poses but I guess we will just have to make the best use out of the ignition stream base.

    The color application on the figure is the best I have seen so far on an Iron Man action figure. The metallic red and shiny gold parts of the armor. The shine of the paint work on this figure makes this Revoltech Iron Man stand out significantly next to the Hasbro and Diamond figures.

    One of the things I like best about Revoltech figures is the inclusion of various interchangeable parts which allow you to display the figure in endless different ways. This particular figure includes 4 pairs of unique hands which can be easily swapped out for one another.

    The Sci-Fi Revoltech Iron Man Mark IV figure includes:
    - One Pair (closed fists)
    - One Pair (grasping hands)
    - One Pair (karate chop hands)
    - One Pair (repulsor-blasting hands)
    - Ignition Blast Base

    Aside from some minor flaws here and there, the Sci-Fi Revoltech Iron Man Mark IV leaves its U.S. versions in the dust. This is a great figure to own and will be a fantastic addition to anyone’s Marvel action figure collection. With it’s $60 + price tag, this figure is definitely not intended for children but it is definitely worth picking up for an adult collector. This awesome figure is available now at so head on over to their site and secure one for yourself before they fly away.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of

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