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    NECA's A Nightmare on Elm Street SERIES 1

    Get ready for two great Freddys...

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    Just in time for Halloween, NECA has released brand new action figures based on the first two Nightmare on Elm Street films. These figures feature the likeness of the one and only Robert Englund as the sadistic modern day boogie man, Freddy Krueger.

    The new Freddy figures come packaged in the same tried-and-true clamshell package NECA has been using for years. Although this clamshell design is nothing new, the visual composition design and imagery created for the inserts is very well put together and captures all the iconic visual elements of the "Elm Street" films flawlessly.

    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that a lot of love and research was put into these figure to make them as movie-accurate as possible. For instance, the Freddy Krueger figure based on his first film appearance doesn't have green stripes on his sweater's sleeves. They weren't in the movie (honestly! I rewatched the film to double check) and they aren't on the figure either.

    The original NOS figure also includes two interchangeable portraits (original and faceless version). The original head depicts Fred Krueger as he appeared on celluloid for the very first time complete with deformed right ear and his grotesque burn-scarred head. The faceless head reveals the creepy skull underneath Freddy's charred face and is from a scene in the film when his face is torn off by Nancy. This attention to detail not only adds to the authenticity of the figure, but gives collectors two solid options for display (and a good reason to buy TWO Freddys!)

    The other Freddy Krueger figure in this assortment is pulled from Freddy's Revenge, the second installment in the movie series. This figure has a much more recognizable look to it; better capturing the more refined, iconic look of the dream killer we all know and love. The stripes are now on the sleeves of his red and green sweater, and because of the improved charred makeup effects (and the use of more closeups), Robert Englund's distinct facial features come out more in the deranged character.

    The Freddy's Revenge figure includes one sinister face with exposed brain ("You've got the body, I've got the brain!") and an additional screaming head. The sweater on both figures is composed of a flexible rubber which improves the overall look of the figure and works very well with the articulation on the body. The sculpt work on these Freddy figures is the best three-dimensional interpretations ever produced of this horror icon, hands-down.

    The paint work on both Freddy figures greatly enhances their overall look significantly. The color applications are very different on both figures which once again demonstrates how much research went in to their creation during the development period. The color apps on Freddy's dirty sweater is so good that it appears to be real fabric from certain angles. The colors on both of the figure's hats and shoes are distinctively different from one another which also helps tell both Freddy's apart from one another.

    The level of articulation on the Freddy figures is plentiful, allowing both figures to be placed in multiple iconic and creepy poses. All the joints on the figures are nice and snug allowing the figures to hold their poses firmly. Unfortunately, the legs feature zero articulation with the exception of the ankles to better stand the figure. While you can't display Freddy doing splits, the static pose of the legs does closely mimic Robert Englund's trademark stance in the films and looks great on both figures.

    The Freddy figures feature the following articulated joints:

    -Ball-Socket Head
    -Swivel-Hinged Elbows
    -Ball-Socket Wrists
    -Ball-Socket Shoulders
    -Ball-Socket Ankles
    -Ball-Socket Torso

    Each Freddy figure also includes packed-in extras specific to the film, such as the interchangeable extended arms that come with the original Krueger and an extra interchangeable hand with knives protruding from the fingertips as seen in Freddy's Revenge. As mentioned before, the removable Fedoras included with both versions of Freddy Krueger are distinctly different in shape and color. The hats are made of rubbery material which works very well for placing them in various different ways on the figure's head; something that could not have been achieved if they were produced in hard plastic.

    With Halloween right around the corner it is a great time to be a Nightmare on Elm Street fan, and thanks to NECA's fine craftsmanship, collectors will have a chance to own these amazing figures from their favorite "Elm Street" films. The first assortment of Nightmare on Elm Street figures are available for purchase right now at Toys"R"Us and many of our fine sponsors for around $15 each.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

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