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    SDCC Back to the Future Die-Cast Set

    The Delorean gets Hot Wheels...

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    Back to the Future was originally released in 1985 and revolved around the protagonist Marty McFly traveling back in time in a modified DeLorean, built by his friend Dr. Emmitt Brown aka Doc, and accidentally ending up in 1955 where he meets his teenage parents and causes a time paradox that he must fix before he is erased from existence.

    With the continued resurgent interest in all things '80s and Mattelís announcement of the acquisition of the action figure license for the films, itís no surprise that they would want to generate excitement for the (hopefully) upcoming toy line with a special collector set celebrating the popular film franchise.

    The set, which was exclusive to San Diego Comic-Con, comes packaged in a special box meant to mimic an insulated metal biohazard transport case, similar to the one Doc used to transport the plutonium needed to power the time machine in the film. The box is bright yellow with decoration depicting hinges, clasps and a handle. The box is covered with faux-biohazard warning stickers and features the Back to the Future logo on the front and top. The box opens with a cardboard hinge and cloth bracer to keep it from falling backwards. The interior is lined with foam all-over to protect the actual item inside. Overall, a stunning presentation and we havenít even got to the car itself.

    The die-cast set replicates, with liberties, the scene in the film in front of the Court House when Doc and Marty use lightning to re-power Delorean and sent Marty back home. The scene is depicted on a cardboard backdrop which is an insert inside the display. The clear dome is removable and the car itself is affixed to the base with screws. Streaks of flames are replicated with additional cardboard inserts that come off the printed road base three-dimensionally. The Delorean is leaps and bounds over the recently released carded Delorean in terms of decoration and quality. A lot of the interior is separately sculpted, detailed pieces and the windows are clear instead of blue-tinted. The flux capacitor is even visual through the front windshield. The hubcaps are solid instead of spoked and are done in chrome. Various parts on the nuclear generator in the back have been given paint applications in blue, yellow, and red and the back of the car has the signature OUTATIME license plate.

    Of all of the recent Back to the Future vehicle releases, the SDCC Exclusive Back to the Future die-cast collector set is certainly one of the nicest. If this is an indication of the quality fans can expect from the toy line, the license is in good hands with Mattel. While the set is long sold-out, you can find it for sale at many fine online retailers, including many of our sponsors.

    Review & Photos by Michael Klein

    Review Sample Courtesy of Mattel

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