Cool variant of the Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker hero...

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Square Enix's Play Arts Kai continues to impress video game fans with their state-of-the-art action figures. This exciting series continues to grow with the recent release of the new Solid Snake in Battle Dress figure from the PSP video game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. This newest version of the heroic Snake is decked out in his fully armored gear and ready for serious combat.

In terms of packaging, there isn't anything significantly different from the previous Metal Gear Kai releases. The figure comes packaged in the same window box as the very first release of Snake (see our review HERE). The back of the box also showcases the Snake figure in various poses.

The Battle Dress Snake figure is beautifully rendered in three-dimensional form from head to toe. Snake's head sculpt is very similar to his previous incarnations with the exception of a new armored head band. This version of Snake also includes an additional masked head that looks like a PMC soldier. The PMC head has a sliding visor and makes the figure look completely different when you replace Snake's standard head with it.

The ten inch scale of this action figure allows for a higher level sculpted details and looks intimidating when displayed next to other figures. Snake's body is heavily armored and features an amazing level of sculpted details from head to toe. The level of detail on the munitions and ration pouches is amazing and incredibly life-like. The battle armor also features scrapes and battle wear carved right into it's surface which gives the figure a truly impressive look.

Snake’s body is very versatile thanks to the abundance of articulated joints on the cleverly-designed Play Arts Kai body. Thanks to the well thought out engineering and joint placement, Snake can be placed in countless different ways. The joints on the Kai figures feature a ratcheting system which allows the figure to stay in the pose you place it in and also prevents joint loosening which usually happens over time.

As expected, the color applications on this figure are totally spot on and enhance the overall sculpted appearance of the figure even more. The colors used on this version of Snake look fantastic and the smoke gray on the armor and orange of the under gear contrasts very nicely against the olive drab colors of Snake's harness, straps and pouches.

Aside from the extra PMC Soldier head, this figure also includes a pistol, heavy machine gun and a rocket launcher. The figure also includes one extra relaxed left hand. These packed-in accessories offer up a larger array of display options for the figure, whether it is displayed as Snake or with the alternate PMC mask.

The only gripe I have with this figure is the pointing/trigger finger poses on the main set of hands. I would have much preferred the trigger finger to be bent at the tip making it look more natural instead of having pointing fingers that do not touch the actual trigger. Other than that, this is one heck of an amazing action figure and an absolute must-have for fans of the Metal Gear games and those into military-based collectibles. This figure is available to purchase now from many of our fine sponsors priced around $39.99.

Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

Review Sample Courtesy of Square Enix