Terror Dogs? Castle Grayskull playset?

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Is there any remote possibility of getting a 200X-inspired Man At Arms with pony-tailed head sans helmet as a possible quarterly variant?

We won't do exaggerated stylized 200X features but we could always explore a helmet less head as a variant onr day!
Without giving out any specifics away can you at least confirm if a second MOTUC army-builder 2-pack is scheduled for 2012?

You will just need to wait and see. We aren't ready to comment on any 2012 skus past ThunderPunch He-Man at this time.
Will Mattel follow a specific structure to determine which three Filmation figures will be released each year? For example: (1 POP, 1 Masters, and 1 Golden Book) or will it be completely random characters?

MOTUC is much more of a river vs. a mathematical formula. Luckily fans have made numerous wish lists over the years so we have a very good idea of who fans want. Design, marketing and the Horsemen say down and reviewed all possible characters and slotted in 1-3 Filmation character a year, knowing everything is fluid and could change

The vast majority of MOTU collectors have been asking for a Castle Grayskull playset in the line for years now but it seems that low sub sales for 2012 have halted plans for its release in 2013. How about doing a pre-order at the beginning of 2013?

Even a pre-order would take a huge amount of design work. If fans were to pre-order they of course would want to know specifics details that should expect such as size, features and scale. To work all of this out would still take a huge amount of design work and we just don't have the resources available at this time to take this on.
When you eventually get to releasing the Terror Dogs for Ghostbusters, will they be sold individually or as a boxed set that includes both?

There aren't any plans at this point to release the Terror Dogs. However, we've looked into these characters and they're a possibility in the future.