Third time is a charm. New MOTU 30th Anniversary plan added.

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Mattel is extending the sale for their MattyCollector 2012 Subscription Plans one last time. Wait, didn't I say that before? The extension this time allows collectors who missed the on-sale window for DC Universe Club Infinite Earths - which is now a go (see our story HERE) - the opportunity to join. Mattel also heard fan requests for them to offer a subscription for the six MOTUC 30th Anniversary figures.

The new subscription sale period will run from Friday, September 16th at 9 a.m. PT through Monday, October 3rd at 11:59 p.m. PT. The plans include:

* Voltron Club Lion Force - Get 5 Lions that make a 23" tall Voltron, 5 Pilots with pieces to make an Ultra Blazing Sword, plus a club-exclusive Sven.

* Masters of the Universe Club Eternia - To include Sorceress, Kobra Kahn and more.

* Ghostbusters Club Ecto-1 - Fans will get a figure of Dana Barrett and the club-exclusive The Rookie with Taxi Cab Ghost.

* DC Universe Club Infinite Earths - The only way to get true collector 6" characters guaranteed, plus for the first time ever, fans choose the club-exclusive figure. 2012's exclusive figure is Metron.

* NEW - MOTU 30th Anniversary Series - By fan demand, Mattel is offering a subscription to the six special figures they'll be releasing approximately every other month in 2012 in celebration of MOTU's 30th anniversary. Each figure will be a new character created just for the MOTUC line, including Fearless Photog (the winner of the 1985 Create a Figure Contest by Nathan Bitner) and Draego Man by the Four Horsemen. Of the remaining figures, two will be from Mattel, one from Geoff Johns (creative director from DC Comics), and the final figure is planned to be the winner of the current Create a Character Contest.

For full details on each of the clubs and to join, visit