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    Latest Predator gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "man's best friend"...

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    After what feels like an eternity, Hot Toys' trio of MMS "Super Predators" is finally complete. The last of the clan from the movie Predators - the Tracker Predator - makes his 1/6 scale figure debut along with his faithful alien canine friend, the Predator Hound.

    [ame=""]Tracker Unwrapped[/ame]

    The all new Tracker arrives in the same style of packaging as the previous Predators figures, only this time the box is much wider to accommodate the space for the Predator hound. Check out the unboxing video above.

    With two stunning Hot Toys Predators already released, it comes as no surprise that the Tracker Predator is a true figural masterpiece. The levels of sculpted details on the Tracker are very impressive throughout the entire body.

    One of the greatest things about the new Super Predators clan is that each one has very distinctive traits which set them apart from one another. The Tracker's unique look comes from his cool tusked mask. Featuring amazing detail, the mask appears very realistic, especially with the battle-scarring on the left side. The armored pieces on the Tracker are beautifully rendered as well and feature a variation of unique geometrical and alien designs which stand out significantly on the figure.

    Aside from his mask, the leather wraps - which consist of several individual straps on the Tracker's waist - are another distinctive trait that set him apart from the rest of the clan. This Predator also features a neck piece which is adorned by several smaller tusks and attaches to a pair of criss-crossing leather straps that blend into the waist wraps.

    The Predator Hound is an awesome bonus piece, though it is more of an accessory than a figure since it is sculpted in a static (but dynamic!) pose. The Hound is rendered flawlessly in three-dimensional form and is posed in a "ready to pounce" stance with its razor-sharp mouth gaping wide open and ready for the attack. The Predator Hound's menacing look is significantly enhanced by its multiple protruding tusks and lengthy quills. As an added display bonus, the creature also includes a small stone base on which its right foot can be placed upon.

    The paint application on both the Tracker and his Hound are nothing short of fantastic and visually pleasing to look at. The Tracker's colors consist of a vivid blend of yellow and green hues which clash naturally against each other and the brown leather components of his outfit. The armored parts on the Tracker are elegantly colored in olive green with dark brown sculpted components which are meant to resemble leather pieces of the Tracker's gear. The paint application on the bio-mask gives it a realistic scuffed and worn metallic look which cocompliments the weathered ivory tusks jutting out of it.

    Articulation-wise, the Tracker Predator features the same level of poseability as the other Super Predators figure. The buck body features approximately 22 points of articulation which supports a good amount of pose options the figure can be placed in. The only joint that could be significantly improved on Hot Toys' Predator figures would be newly-developed two-part boots with ball and cradle-like joints that would allow the feet to always be laid flat on the floor. This would help improve the figure's stability when displayed in dynamic poses. Overall, the articulation is gets the job done and all the joints among the Tracker's body are nice and tight, always a plus.

    For weapons, the Tracker Predator packs his trusty wrist blade. Included are three blades of various lengths that can be inserted into his right gauntlet. Also included is a shoulder-mounted blaster cannon that attaches easily into a hole on his left shoulder. For keeping his Predator Hound in check, the Tracker packs a chain leash along with two grasping fists that the leash has already been threaded through. The harnesses that attach to the hound easily wrap around the creature's two main frontal tusks, but do not peg in or fasten to the creature securely. Regardless of this minor flaw, the harnesses do their job well as long as the Tracker is posed pulling the leash backward as it keeps the straps from sliding out. The chains on the leash are beautifully constructed metal ovals of alien design and not your typical metal chains found at your local hardware store. This makes the leash stand out significantly and adds to the uniqueness and overall beauty of this 1/6 figure ensemble.

    The MMS Predators Tracker Predator and Hound set includes the following:

    * Three (3) pairs of interchangeable palms including: fists, relaxed palms and a pair for holding the metal chain of the Predator Hound
    * Three (3) interchangeable metal blades of different lengths
    * One (1) rotatable left shoulder-mounted gun
    * LED light-up function in face mask (button cell battery included)
    * Predator Hound with metal chain leash
    * Figure stand with Tracker Predator nameplate and the movie logo

    It is so awesome to finally be able to display the trio of Super Predators together and the Predator Hound is just the cherry on top. The Tracker is an absolute must-have for Predator fans and his $230 price point is worth every single penny as the packed-in hound totally makes up for the higher price.

    The Tracker Predator figure is still available now through several of our sponsors websites such as, and But don't wait to long to make your purchase, as this amazing figure will be gone before you know it just like the rest.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Predator Clan Photos and Diorama by Ben Bishop

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

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    Gimme, gimme, gimme!

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