What you can do to secure your treasures from Mother Nature...

Floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters happen, but you can take steps ahead of time to secure your treasures from Mother Nature, accidents and regular wear and tear.

Stillage - 6 inches off the floor is all it takes to keep collectibles safe from water damage caused by flooding; especially if stored on the ground floor or basement.

Display - Secure shelving units to the wall, being sure to screw into the studs and not just anchoring into drywall. Avoid displaying more valuable items on the top shelf. Secure items to the shelves using wax or putty.

Storage - Action Figures should be wrapped in acid-free tissue paper prior to storage. DO NOT store Action Figures in closed plastic bags or plastic containers. Moisture can get trapped in these containers or bags, causing mold growth. If you want to store Action Figures in their original boxes, wrap them in acid-free tissue paper first.

Light Store your collection away from direct sunlight.

Humidity Keep a good balance, ideally 50% humidity. Too much humidity can cause rust & mold. Too little can cause items to crack, shrink & become brittle.

Temperature - Avoid extreme temperature fluctuations that can occur in attics & garages. The ideal temperature for preservation is approximately 64 degrees.

Handling - Avoid excessive handling as the oily residue on skin can remain on items causing deterioration.

If you can't avoid what Mother Nature is dishing out, take your most valuable items with you. For those items you must leave behind, secure them as best you can by moving them above ground level preferably a 2nd story and remove breakables from display shelves.

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