MOTU Star Sisters, DC oversized figures, more...

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Many MOTU fans are on the fence about purchasing a 2012 subsription because of the Star Sisters 3-pack. Why was such a high-priced item included in the sub like that without selling a $60 tier item as a non-sub item first and why start off with a She-Ra set?

The Star Sisters were a natural pairing, fans are always asking for more figures to be included in the sub, and it was a good way to catch up on the number of POP ladies in one shot!
By the time this question is answered, the secret accessories for Megator and Man-E-Faces will be known to all but is it true that they were removed from all review samples that were sent out to sites to avoid the surprise from being spoiled for fans?

Yes, Toyguru removed them personally.
Are there any plans to develop a more slender male buck in the MOTUC line? This would be a great opportunity for an MYP Adam and other young characters from the MOTU universe.

Only time will tell. We do not have one planned for the immediate future but anything is possible.
If the Club Infinite Earth sub goes through, can we look forward to fan-demanded oversize figures like Doomsday and Killer Croc?

Oversized figures are most definitely part of the Club Infinite Earths subscription program! If the club moves forward, be on the lookout for at least 4 figures each year (3 quarterly figures in 2012, plus the Club Exclusive oversized figure for a total of 4 in 2012).
Since the discontinuation of DCUC was such a last-minute desion, were most of the oversized figures in the fan vote originally slotted for upcoming assortments if the line would have continued in 2012?

There is not a discontinuation of 6Ē figures, just DC Universe Classics as itís been branded and marketed in the past few years. The oversized figures would not have been possible at retail, so thatís one of the reasons why we are all so excited about the subscription program.