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    Hot Toys Exclusive SHADOW PREDATOR

    An old school hunter emerges from the shadows...

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    To date, over a dozen unique 1/6 scale Predator figures have been produced by Hot Toys, but collectors canít seem to get enough. Thankfully, Hot Toys has been listening and have delivered the goods with their recent 2011 summer toy show exclusive Shadow Predator. The Shadow Predator marks the fourth Lost Tribe member from the end sequence of Predator 2 and the second toy show exclusive Predator figure from Hot Toys.

    The Shadow Predator features a new package design which incorporates both old and new elements, such as the slide-out cardboard sleeve with throw-back metallic foil and simple window-boxed inner carton. The metallic foil gives the Shadow Predator that old-school look from a few years back when the Predators were manufactured as kits you had to assemble and came in those huge rectangular boxes. I kind of miss putting my Predators together, though it was a royal pain in the behind and I broke my fair share of parts. The window box fully reveals the Shadow Predator and all his cool accessories, which looks great mint in box.

    As far as this new Predator figure goes, it is basically a repaint of the Lost Predator with some new accessories here and there. While the Shadow Predator does not feature a lot of new tooling in the main body, the figure does include a brand new alien skull to add to your Predator trophy collection.

    Other new items include uniquely-sculpted shoulder pads and faux fur patches on the right shoulder and around the waist. The forearm bracers on this figure are made of a leather-like material and are fastened to the creatureís limbs by cross lacing. The packed-in creature skull is very unique and amazingly life-like in detail. The back of the skull reveals a gaping hole indicative of the Predatorís kill shot that most like ended its life at the hand of its Predator.

    The color application on the Shadow Predator is applied masterfully, which comes as no surprise from a company that prides itself with the utmost attention to quality and accuracy. While not a lot of information is know about this particular Predator, I do find that the color scheme does not compliment this particular predatorís name. I believe that a sleek blend of black and gray colored skin would have better suited for a Shadow Predator, but then again, I donít have a clue as to what may have influenced the creatureís name in the film.

    The skull trophy is colored brilliantly in various shades of white and light yellow giving it a very realistic bone look. The retracting spear is colored in multiple hues of brown giving it a very natural look that contrasts with the metallic copper components of the weapon.

    While the Shadow Predator does not incorporate as much technology as others of his kind, he does include a throwing shuriken and retracting spear that features the same digitized screen as the one featured on the classic Predatorís gauntlet. The retracting spear has a very organic look to it as it closely resembles the wrinkles and cracks found on a tree. This spear is just like the one included with the Lost Predator but painted in slightly different colors. The figure also includes a handmade machete just like the one included with the Elder Predator from several years back.

    In all, this exclusive Predator features the following accessories:
    - Replaceable opened and closed mandibles
    - One pair (open hands)
    - One pair (closed fists)
    - Gripping right hand for spear
    - Gripping right hand for shuriken
    - Retractable spear
    - Shuriken
    - Machete

    Just like its predecessors, the Shadow Predator is heavily articulated allowing for a vast amount of posing options. All the joints on the figure are nice and tight allowing the figure to remain in whatever pose you place it in.

    As a whole, the Shadow Predator figure bares a look which is both familiar and unique in comparison to other Hot Toys Predators. Itís a shame that the Shadow Predator does include a bio mask, but regardless of this, he makes a great addition to anyoneís Predator collection with its unique earth tone colors and old-school elements. While the Shadow Predator officially sold out in China at two different toy shows, it still available for pre-order from Sideshow Collectibles. Priced at $224.99, this cool beast is scheduled to ship during their Spooktacular event this October.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

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    Re: Hot Toys Exclusive SHADOW PREDATOR

    No mask, no interest! The figure also looks kind of naked, he doesn't really seem to be wearing anything, but then again I don't believe the classic predators ever did either. That's exclusives for you! this is just a repaint that doesn't appeal to me.
    Sore Wa Kantan Desu!

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    Re: Hot Toys Exclusive SHADOW PREDATOR

    Not their best Predator but I'm still getting him nonetheless.

    I believe their best release will be the upcoming Classic Predator. I have the SS Exclusive version PO and I cannot wait to add him to the collection. Classic will definately be the pinnacle of Hot Toys' Predator line.

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