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    D23 EXPO Exclusive - CARS 2 Submarine Finn McMissile

    "Top Secret" double Ransburg paint Finn McMissile too...

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    Mattel didnít have an exclusive ready for this yearís San Diego Comic-Con but for the second Disney D23 Expo 2011 (read our report HERE), offered up a Submarine Finn McMissile in a special box priced at $19.99. The submarine Finn McMissile is already part of the Cars 2 Deluxe line found at retail but with the metallic paint and bonus tires accessories, this item had the collectors in mind. The character is played by Michael Caine and is one of the major characters in this summerís box-office hit from Disney-Pixar.

    Thing is, these exclusive Submarine Finn McMissile toys did not receive the metallic paint the fans were promised. So as a consolation prize, those who purchased the Submarine Finn McMissile were given a ďtop secretĒ car at no extra charge. This bonus car was a DOUBLE RANSBURG painted Finn McMissile (without the submarine additions).

    The packaging ultimately is why you should want the exclusive Submarine Finn McMissile. The outer shipper box is designed as if it were a mysterious crate but within is an attractively designed box showing Finn in submarine mode with his included tires floating up in the backcground. The backside shows three frames from the film where the scene takes place (itís the first action scene of the entire film).

    While a plastic tray props up Finn McMissile, itís the clear rubber bands holding him into place. While itís not difficult to remove Finn from his prison, this is definitely a piece that looks better in the box as he does not come with a stand that properly displays him.

    The sculpt is identical to the deluxe version sold at retail and itís a fine recreation in 1:55 scale. The only caveat is that in the film, Finn makes use of a breathing apparatus when in submarine mode. It would have been really great if this exclusive took a cue from the film and included it. Also worth noting, the top half of the car is metal and the lower half with the fins are of a sturdy plastic material.

    The paint, like I said is virtually the same as the version found in stores for $8.99. But that said, itís a fine paint application. The eyes, which arenít sculpted are painted on and though I prefer a more neutral/determined expression, the evil looki doesnít bother me all that much. The other little details like the car emblem and license plate are really well done, even if they arenít full on paint-work.

    Articulation is nill but it does include some accessories. Finn MicMissile comes with three spare tires to throw the villains off his tail. Unfortunately, the film shows that four tires are floating on the surface rather than the three weíre given. Would it have been that hard to get an extra tire?

    The real bonus accessory that folks are interested in though is the "TOP SECRET" double Ransburg paint Finn McMissile. He is a very metallic purple/blue color over the standard Finn McMissile car. Itís sparkly and attractive but not at all necessary. This is for the hard core collectors only but a welcome addition since paying $20 for a car that can be found for $8.99 would have been ridiculous.

    If you werenít at the D23 Expo, you may have missed your opportunity to obtain this item and the secondary market may be your last resort. Whether Mattel decides to put up their remaining stock on remains to be seen.

    Review and Photography by David Yeh

    Review Sample Courtesy of Mattel

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