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    The "evil master of power suction" doesn't suck...

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    Ever since the initial release of Hordak, fans have been clamoring for more Hordsemen to add to their Masters of the Universe Classic collection. Mattel has listened and delivered the goods with three Horde members released so far. Next month the Evil Horde continues to grow with the exciting release of the "evil master of power suction". Leech is a figure that many MOTU fans have been requesting for quite some time now and come September, the wait will finally be over.

    Leech comes packaged in the same standard blister card package that we have all grown to love although for his size, it seems like the figure and his accessories seem a bit crammed in the package. As a result of this, Leech’s capture net accessory came out a bit warped and had some minor tears on my review sample but this may not necessarily be the case for everyone and we will have to wait and see once folks start to receive theirs in the mail next month.

    While all MOTUC figures include their fair share of shared parts, Leech features tons of 100% new tooling. The torso, crotch, head, hands and feet are all uniquely sculpted parts while the legs and arms are existing parts. Leech’s torso is a bit odd as it is much wider and a bit flat from front to back in comparison to other MOTUC figures. Leech’s head is huge and rubbery allowing other figures’ heads to be placed between his razor sharp jaws to look as if he is devouring his victim’s dome completely. The Horsemen have done an amazing job updating this character which closely resembles the classic figure while featuring a heck of a lot more detail.

    The paint application on this figure is nothing short of amazing with a lot of airbrushed shading and multi-color accenting all around. The bold red Horde crest on the chest and right shoulder guard really pops out on the figure as it contrasts with the various hues of green on Leech’s body.

    Leech's articulation is plentiful and all his joints are nice and tight all around allowing the figure to sustain many different poses. The figure includes a nifty rubber capture net in the shape of the Evil Horde logo with the Horde's crest centered in between both wings. The net can be wrapped around other figures and can attach to several different smooth surfaces via the suction cups on each corner of the wings. Leech also includes a Horde crossbow accessory which in my opinion is unnecessary but a cool extra pack-in nonetheless.

    It is awesome to have yet another Horde member to add to my collection and I just can’t wait for Horde Trooper 2-pack to beef up Hordak’s army. MOTUC fans are truly in for a treat with the release of Leech next month. This awesome figure will be available for purchase in September on and is also part of the Club Eternia monthly subscription.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of Mattel

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    Thumbs down Re: ADVANCE LOOK: MOTU Classics - LEECH

    Bah, I think Matty has done a great, oustanding job on figs like Catra and Grizzlor, but the monsters like Leech and Clawful just look ridiculous and much too 80s-clunky for my tastes.

    The 80s-style eyebrows on Clawful and Whiplash ruined those for me, and why is it that Leech and Cobra Khan have to have heads that are waaaay too oversized for their stunted MOTU bodies? I hate that. It has just ruined both of those figs for me.

    I'm just glad that the Horsemen were able to put out a proper Leech and Clawful in their Stactions line. I totally LOVE those!

    Quit trying to ape your misproportioned and deformed clunky old 80s figs Mattel. CORRECT the mistakes you made 30 years ago, not REPEAT them!

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