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    Ask Matty Q&A - August 15th

    Voltron to see Robeasts? Strider to join Fisto? More...

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    Now that Fisto is confirmed as Club Eternia's February subscription figure, what are the chances that you will be releasing Stridor in the near future?

    We’d love to eventually get to Strider but we can confirm he is not coming in the first part of 2012 to coincide with Fisto’s release.
    It was great to see the upcoming Kobra Khan figure at Comic-Con a few weeks ago but due to the extremely fragile nature of the resin prototype, attendees did not have a chance to see what the additional head looked like on him. When can we expect to see images of the the figure with the extra cobra head on it?

    We actually did indeed put the second head on him all day Saturday in the case. Hopefully some fans took pictures. All of the heads were swapped on Saturday for picture taking pleasure!
    Attendees had the rare opportunity to vote for the color of the upcoming Granamyr figure. Could you share some details with us regarding the figure's proposed size, price and range of articulation?

    We are still reviewing the exact specifics but he will likely be the biggest figure to date around the $80.00 price point.
    The new Club Lion Force is very exciting as collectors are guaranteed to have an awesome 23" by the end of 2012. Are there plans to take a similar approach with Robeasts in future years or are there no long term plans for the club as of yet?

    We would love to get to some Robeasts but don’t have any specific plans to reveal right now. We know there is a lot of fan demand!

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    Re: Ask Matty Q&A - August 15th

    Just read about this on the Matty boards and thought it should urgently be posted here:

    "If anyone was wanting to buy a sub but won't because you already bought other subs or wanted to [get] another one but you thought you were going to get screwed on shipping, there is good news. Matty posted on there facebook that starting March 2012 all sub orders that people purchase will ship togther even if they were bought at separate times

    With the DCUC sub starting in April it's right in time for subs to be combined to you existing ones and save on shipping. Hopefully this will get more people to sign up."

    Yee-hah! This is one MOTUC collector who'll be jumping onto the Club Infinite Earths spaceship to the stars too!

    Come on people, let's make these collector DCU figs happen!

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