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    DC Direct Green Lantern Rebirth Set

    Hal and Sinestro return in exclusive new versions with comic pack in...

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    Much has been said about this summerís Green Lantern film and the products it has spawned, most notably the 4 inch and Movie Masters lineups from Mattel. But this summer also saw more Green Lantern comic book-related toy releases, including a superb two figure set thatís perfect for anyone just getting into the comics. Out now from DC Direct is the Green Lantern Rebirth set that includes new figures of both Hal Jordan and Sinestro as Green Lanterns, along with the new paperback version of the now classic Green Lantern: Rebirth storyline.

    Back in 2004, Hal Jordan was a ghost... literally. He had turned ďevilĒ during the Emerald Twilight story, tried to re-create the universe in Zero Hour, and finally died in 1998ís Final Night. Jordan puttered around in the afterlife for a while, eventually becoming the Spectre during Geoff Johnsí Day of Judgment event. Johns had much more in store for the fan-favorite character, but it would have to wait. Finally, Green Lantern: Rebirth saw Hal fight off Parallax (retconned to be an independent entity) and return to life and the Green Lantern Corps. Itís an epic book that is justifiably credited for restarting Green Lantern for the modern audience and making it as popular as it has become.

    DC Directís Rebirth set comes packaged in a really nice display worthy window box. You can see both figures and their accessories, while the graphic novel looks like a background image behind them. Thereís plenty of info and art on the box, making for a very attractive package.

    There are countless Hal Jordan figures out there, but this one is a bit different. Representing the resurrected Green Lantern, this figure really does evoke the art of Ethan Van Sciver. At just over 6 Ĺ inches tall it has a good, solid feel, and it has the specific uniform details like the green torso that ends at a point. The sculpt is very good, along the lines of what weíve come to expect from DC Direct. Of note are Halís hands (the right clenched into a fist wielding the ring as usual and the left open) and the aforementioned comic accurate head sculpt.

    Colors are vivid and strong, dominated by a deep matte green and solid black. White of course shows up on the chest symbol and the Lanternís gloves. Another hallmark of DC Directís figures is articulation that takes a backseat to the sculpt, and thatís true here. Hal looks great, but he is not super poseable. With joints at the neck, shoulders, elbows, T-crotch, and knees, youíre limited to a few iconic poses.

    Sinestro too has appeared in toy form many times, but pretty infrequently in his Green Lantern incarnation. Rebirth tells of the long history between the two Lanterns, including their first meeting, and so it was high time to get a new GL Sinestro. Put simply, this one knocked it out of the park. At first glance it was obvious that some parts were reused from the previously released White Lantern Sinestro (see my review HERE), but on final examination itís not that much. Sinestro stands about 6 ĺ inches tall, appropriately taller than Hal. He has a slim yet defined physique thatís topped off by a slightly altered version of the head first seen on the White Lantern figure. This was an awesome head sculpt then, and itís perfect now. Tall, eggplant-shaped, and haughty, Sinestroís head has the weird hairline, pencil moustache, and mischievous smile that captured his early identity perfectly. Sinestro has the opposite hand sculpts as Hal with a closed left hand (with ring) and open right.

    Colors are also the same on the two figures, though Sinestroís uniform design reflects the earlier style. His head is a pink shade with purple lips and pinprick yellow eyes. The former Green Lantern hero actually has a vastly improved articulation scheme with joints at the neck, ball-jointed shoulders, elbows, wrists, T-crotch, knees, and calves.

    Both figures come with identical accessories: Green Lantern power batteries that they can hold in their hands and Green Lantern symbol display bases like weíve been seeing since the beginning of the modern DC Direct Green Lantern figure line. Of course, the other main draw of this set is the Rebirth book, which I highly recommend to any existing or potential Green Lantern fan.

    Your mileage may vary on this set, as itís definitely on the expensive side (due to the inclusion of the book) if youíre only buying it for the figures. Unfortunately, this is the only way to get these figures, so donít miss out on it if you need them for your collection. Iím really happy with them, especially Sinestro as itís been a long time since we had a Green Lantern version from DC Direct and it doesnít really hold up today. This new Hal has a pretty specific look that Van Sciver fans will appreciate, and it contrasts nicely with the recent single-packed release that reflects Doug Mahnke art (see my review HERE). You should be able to find the Rebirth set at your local comic book store.

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

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