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    What's New for the DC Universe in 2012

    DCUC, Batman Legacy, Young Justice, more...

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    In addition to the Mattypalooza panel during Comic-Con which covered all toy lines under Mattel’s wing, there was also a more specific DC Universe Classics panel to give fans a look at everything that’s coming in 2012.

    The announcement that Wave 20 would be the very last DC Universe Classics wave at retail came as a shock. But before you get too worked up about it, it’s not the end of DC Universe. Mattel is merely taking a small leave of absence to study how to tackle new action figures with the re-launch of the comic books.

    In other DC Universe Classics news, expect to see Wave 19 in stores this Fall, which includes Stargirl, The Atom, Sandman, Hawkman, Magog, and Lord Naga with S.T.R.I.P.E. being the collect-and-connect figure.

    The final DC Universe Classics Wave 20 will hit in Spring 2012 and includes Green Arrow, Reverse Flash, Hawk, Dove, Red Arrow, Sinestro (Corps), and The Flash II (White Lantern). Collect-and-connect in this wave is NEKRON.

    Exclusive to Matty Collector will be a deluxe 12-figure set sculpted by the Four Horsemen includes Superboy, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, Brainiac 5, Chameleon Boy, Ultra Boy, Karate Kid, Wildfire, Matter Eater Lad, Timber Wolf, Colossal Boy, and... Invisible Kid. This huge set also includes a Proty Figure and a 24 carat Legion Ring.

    Wal-Mart will also be home to a Crime Syndicate 5-pack available in late summer as well as a DC End-Cap that includes DCU Classics, Green Lantern Classics, Batman Legacy, and Young Justice basic figures.

    2-Packs coming to Toys"R"Us this fall include Black Adam vs Shazam!, Mad Love: Harley Quinn and The Joker and more DC Universe vs Masters of the Universe figure packs Green Lantern vs Zodac and Supergirl vs She-Ra.

    Here’s a look at other toys revealed for 2012:

    - The Joker Tank – Spring 2012
    - New Motorized Batmobile – Summer 2012
    - Gotham Jail – Summer 2012

    - Cyborg & ATV – Spring 2012
    - Hawkman

    - Figure 2packs: Joker & Batman, Wonder Woman & Bat Girl, Green Lantern & Superman
    - Wheelies: Superman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Batman, Joker

    -John Stewart
    -Kyle Rayner
    -Guy Gardner

    -Hector Hammand – 2011
    -Galius Zed – 2011
    -Morro – 2011
    -Parallax Head and Torso – 2011
    -Ultimate Electronic Movie Master Green Lantern – September 2011

    BATMAN LEGACY EDITION – available now
    -Mr. Freeze
    -The Joker
    -Golden Age Batman
    -Golden Age Batman with Batmite – KMART
    -Batman and Two-Face – Fall 2011
    -The Joker and Robin - Fall 2011
    -Arkham City Batman in 1970s Batsuit Skin – Free with Video Game Purchase – TRU
    -Prototype Suit Batman and Lt. Jim Gordon
    -Batman and Police Honor Guard The Joker

    -Golden Age Flash, Golden Age Green Lantern, Golden Age Hawkman – September 2011
    -Adam Strange, Animal Man, Star Man – September 2011
    -Goldface, Evil Star, Kyle Rayner – New York Comic-con and Matty Collector
    -Killer Frost, Firestorm, Angle Man – New York Comic-Con and Matty Collector
    -7-Pack Dr. Mid-Nite, The Creeper, Johnny Thunder, Thunderbolt, Gypsy, Crimson Avenger, Speedy – November 2011 Matty Collector

    -Fall 2011 Basic Figures: Kid Flash, Aqualad, Icicle Jr., Speedy, Superboy, Captain Atom, Black Canary, Vandal Savage, Robin, Aqualad, Stealth, Kid Flash Stealth, Sportsmaster
    -Collect-And-Connect Hall of Justice
    -Spring 2012 Basic Figures: Superman, Artemis, Green Lantern, Robin
    -Fall 2011 2-Packs: Batman & Robin, Aqualad & Aquaman
    -Spring 2012 2-Packs: The Flash & Kid Flash
    -Fall 2011 6” Figures: Robin, Artemis, Red Arrow, Aqualad
    -Spring 2012 6” Figures: Superboy, Sportsmaster, Kid Flash, The Guardian

    David Yeh

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    Re: What's New for the DC Universe in 2012

    Are we not getting Green Lantern the Animate Series toys?

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    Re: What's New for the DC Universe in 2012

    Where are the Young Justice Ra's Al Ghul and Cheshire???

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