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    Mattel SDCC Exclusive Green Lantern Movie Masters Kilowog

    This is one big poozer you do not want to mess with...

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    This summer’s blockbuster Green Lantern film had quite a cast of alien Lanterns, featured in the scenes on Oa and some of the space combat with Parallax. And so it was that when Mattel set out to fill the ranks of its film-based figures they did so with a bunch of non-terrestrials. Of course, some of those aliens made more of an impression on audiences than others, and those were the ones fans hoped would appear in plastic. While he didn’t have a whole lot of screen time, Kilowog was definitely one of the standout Green Lanterns with a very memorable scene in which he trains Hal Jordan with his unique style. There have been several Kilowogs in the 4 inch figure line, but he hadn’t made his way into the Movie Masters... until Comic-Con. One of Mattel’s many SDCC exclusives this year was the mighty poozer himself, and he makes for quite a figure.

    The film’s characterization of Kilowog was pretty close to his identity in the comics, though stripped down for time. Kilowog hails from Bolovax Vik, a planet that was destroyed while he was away leaving him alone in the universe. Despite his size and appearance Kilowog is actually one of the smartest Green Lanterns with knowledge in many scientific areas. His combat prowess and natural leadership abilities led to his post as drill sergeant for new Corps members, a duty at which he excelled. It is in this capacity we see him in the film, giving some tough lessons to the rookie Hal Jordan.

    Like the Mattycollector exclusive Green Man (see our review HERE) before him, Kilowog comes packaged in an oversized window box version of the Movie Masters bubble and card. Also like Green Man, the drill instructor comes packaged first in a sturdy outer box that has the figure’s name and the movie logo. Inside you’ll see all of the familiar green, with the bulky plastic outline reminiscent of the Green Lantern symbol with an insert of swirling green and black GL energy. Behind the figure is a huge GL symbol, further reinforcing the brand. The reverse panel of Kilowog’s box has the standard Movie Masters description along with a large image, brief bio, and statistical information on the huge poozer.

    When I reviewed Green Man, I thought he was big. But Kilowog blows him out of the water. You can see from how he’s packaged – crouched way down – that he’s a big guy who couldn’t fit in the box if he were standing. Out of the box Kilowog is over 9 inches tall (don’t believe those who are re-printing that “8 inch” height), head and shoulders above even Green Man! His look is purely film-inspired with the wrinkled face, hunched head, massive shoulders, elephant-like skin, and huge hands and three-toed feet.

    Also like Green Man, Kilowog benefits from a great sculpt that shows off his unique skin texture. Green Lanterns don’t really wear clothes; rather, their uniforms are essentially made of painted on energy. In Kilowog’s case this reveals his lumpy and bumpy hide. Other than the pattern of bumps across his body, the hefty Lantern has huge muscles and thick, fleshy folds in his skin that are most noticeable on his legs. True to his size, Kilowog has the largest Green Lantern ring of all the figures, and it looks great on his massive right fist (the left hand is sculpted open). As usual, on top of a really good body sculpt is one heck of a head sculpt. Kilowog’s unique head is rounded and bare on top with a face only a mother could love. Wrinkled and lumpy, it’s got plenty of character with a large brow ridge, sunken beady eyes, a porcine nose, and animal-like lip flaps. The only thing missing is the stubble!

    Kilowog bucks some of the trends in the other Green Lantern Movie Masters figures when it comes to paint. Eschewing the metallic hues seen on the others, the big man instead has an overall matte look that if anything makes him fit in better with comic book GL figures. The design of his uniform is very organic, with green emanating from the torso to the shoulders and waist, and extending up the limbs from the hands and feet. The remainder, the upper limbs and abdomen, is a dark gray. Also unlike the other Lantern figures, Kilowog’s uniform leaves his fingers exposed so we actually see a bit more skin tone than usual. This alien’s flesh is an uneven and mottled orange/brown, while his piercing eyes are pale blue. Kilowog’s chest emblem is comprised of white and a brighter green hue that also appears on his ring.

    The Movie Masters figures generally have excellent articulation, and this might the one area where Kilowog falls a little short. He’s articulated with a ball-jointed neck, ball-jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, rotating wrists, waist, front-back and side hinged hips, ball-jointed knees, and hinged ankles. It’s by no means a bad set of joints, but it feels like there could have been more, especially some sort of biceps or ball-jointed elbows. Because the arms and shoulder joints are so big, in some poses you might end up exposing Kilowog’s armpits where the inner part of the joint is painted to match the top of the shoulder. Keep his arms lower than shoulder level and it won’t be a big deal. Regardless, his articulation is good enough to get some nice poses including ring-slinging and threatening, perfect for a drill sergeant.

    At $25, Kilowog is a pretty great deal for such a huge figure and a Comic-Con exclusive to boot. He’s definitely a must-have for Green Lantern collectors, and you won’t regret the purchase when you display him towering over his fellow Corps members. A limited number of SDCC exclusives, including Kilowog, are available in the Mattycollector store starting today, so if you need one then head over there ASAP.

    Review and photos by Scott Rubin.

    Review sample courtesy of Mattel.

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