Exclusive previews include the long-awaited Officer's Battlepod...

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Toynami’s collection of Robotech and Macross toys may have shrunk slightly over the last few years, but there were still really cool things to see in their San Diego Comic-Con booth. The most recent releases have focused on the Zentraedi Battlepod, with a 1/100 line of repaints and accessorized versions to represent the different members of the alien army. The final member of that line, the Light Artillery pod with dual multi-missile pods, is still on the way from China, but Toynami had one mint in package to keep the fans excited! Like most of the other toys on display this one’s card still read “Coming Soon,” so there’s no firm release date yet. But that’s not nearly all...

The Harmony Gold guys have hinted at it before and even showed off a photo at Anime Expo, but in Toynami’s SDCC booth was an actual 1/100 Officer’s Battlepod! Otherwise known as the Roiquonmi Glaug, this is one of the most highly sought after designs from Robotech and collectors couldn’t be more excited. The prototype looked amazing, and appropriately huge in scale with the other ‘pods and 1/100 Veritechs. Unfortunately that’s all there is to report on the Glaug, as its note card also said “Coming Soon.”

But what good are the bad guys if you don’t have good guys to fight against them? Other than a variety of the currently available 1/100 Valkyries (with and without the Super Weapon Sets), Toynami debuted two brand new prototypes from the Macross film Do You Remember Love! On display in both Battroid and Fighter modes was the exotic variant VE-1 “ELINT Seeker” with signature radar dish, while a Fighter mode VT-1 “Super Ostrich” flew nearby. Tucked away behind them was a VF-1D trainer with Super Weapon pack. In front of them was a single placard marked “Series 5” with the now familiar Coming Soon notation.

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- Scott Rubin