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It was hard to miss Gentle Giant's booth at Comic-Con this year, as a towering bunny mech from Sucker Punch attracted attendees like a moth to a flame. The giant prop replica also represented Gentle Giant's range of popular Sucker Punch collectibles on display, including the remaining girls in the statue series: Blondie, Rocket, and Sweet Pea. Oh, those wanting that cool bunny mech will get that later on as well as an 18" statue.

Star Wars was another big attraction, Gentle Giant's mini-bust line and Jumbo Star Wars figures still going on strong. The former will get a cool Holiday Vader that can be displayed holding C3PO's head to mimic the "Thank the Maker" comic cover or releasing a dove (to represent the season - nice touch). The latter saw brisk sales of the SDCC Exclusive Vinyl Cape Jawa. Just like the hard-to-find 70's original, this guy quickly sold out each day of the Con.

The star of the show was Gentle Giant's recently acquired Marvel license. Everything from busts, statues, and bookends were on display. A real standout was an upcoming Deadpool staionary set. Similiar to what Gentle Giant did for Indiana Jones, this neat item will feature removable throwing star erasures and arrow quivers for placing on your pencils or pens.

Speaking of Marvel, the huge Hulk ripping out of their display booth wasn't just for show. Next Christmas, Gentle Giant will be offering life-size Marvel statues, the Hulk being one release. GG had his legs back at their studio.