New fan favorites from Doctor Who, Venture Bros, Twilight Zone and more...

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One of the most popular booths in the San Diego Comic-Con exhibit hall was none other than BifBangPow! Partnered with Entertainment Earth, they offered some of the coolest exclusives on the showroom floor, as you could tell from the huge lines around it at all times. But they had a display case full of upcoming and prototype toys that blew us away too.

Known for some eclectic licenses, BifBangPow! showed off some very interesting figures and collectibles. The Twilight Zone line continues in a big way with figures (Dr. Bernardi/Henry Bemis, William Shatner’s Bob Wilson/Don Carter, Invader, the Venusian, Santa Claus, Alicia, Maya the Cat Girl, Alien, and more) and fun stuff like new bobbleheads, lunchboxes, a full sized Talky Tina doll, and the upcoming full size Mystic Seer replica that holds napkins and dispenses fortunes just like the real thing! For the truly hardcore fans there were also magnets, mugs, coasters, and license plate frames.

Next up was the Venture Bros., featuring the MEGO-inspired line of figures. On display were currently available Dr. Girlfriend, Hank Venture, Phantom Limb, Doctor Orpheus, and SDCC exclusive Jonas Sr. and Rusty Venture in lunchbox along with prototypes of Brock Samson (Sphinx), Killinger, Billy Quizboy, and Molotov. For those of who collect in a somewhat smaller scale, there was a very exciting set of prototype 3 ¾ inch scale Venture Bros. figures: Dr. Girlfriend, Samson, Dean, and Hank. These were still in the early stages, but looked awesome!

The Doctor Who section included figures of the Fourth Doctor, Sontaran Styre, Cyberleader, and the Master with the exclusive TARDIS lunchbox and TARDIS bobble. Below those was another shelf of prototypes containing River Song’s Diary Journal, Fourth Doctor bobblehead, TARDIS water bottle, license plate frame, and figures of Sutekh, Leela, Scaroth, and Morbius. Lost was represented by figures and bobbleheads as well including the popular SDCC exclusive Polar Bear!

BifBangPow! takes on everyone’s favorite serial killer with 3 ¾ inch Dexter figure. Available now is the anti-hero in his familiar “killing outfit,” while Comic-Con attendees could get their hands on an exclusive “Dark Defender” version that takes on the persona of the supposed vigilante as seen in the show. Rounding out the rest of the display cases were prototypes for Dark Shadows figures of Quentin, Josette, and Willie, and of course the bobbleheads of NCIS’ Abby Sciuto and Eastbound & Down’s Kenny Powers (white suit).

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- Scott Rubin