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Thread: SDCC11: Valve

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    SDCC11: Valve

    Intitial 2012 product release line-up announced...

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    We made it a top story during San Diego Comic-Con so you wouldn't miss it, but during the chaos of the show, we failed to post it as an official story. So here it is, NECA's intitial VALVE product release line-up!

    As the cards on display at Comic-Con show, and were further confirmed by our tour guide Randy Falk, NECA will be rolling out a little bit of everything based on Valve's hit video games. Scheduled to begin dropping in 2012, the first Valve product to be released includes:

    * HALF-LIFE 2 - Fans will get their first ever Half-Life action figure as a 7-inch Gordon Freeman in HEV suit. It's a perfectly good start, but here's hoping NECA heeds my wish list HERE and releases all the cool characters, especially some Combine!

    * PORTAL 2 - The quirky co-op pair of Atlas and P-Body will receive action figures. On the prop replica side of things, fans will be treated to both a plush and resin weighted Companion Cube as well as a stunning 1:1 replica of the Portal Gun with lights and sound. Most exciting to this Portal fan was news that NECA will also be releasing a 1:1 scale Portal Turret with lights and sound in late 2012. Portal Gun first, Turret second! "Are you there?"

    * LEFT 4 DEAD - The smash survival shooter will kick things off with Smoker and Boomer Zombies in gruesome action figure form.

    * TEAM FORTRESS 2 - The multiplayer sensation is still going on strong and will finally receive long overdue action figures. Player classes Pyro, Heavy and Demo will launch the line.

    This is just the initial launch for Valve product in 2012. With tons of characters and items screaming to be made into collectibles, NECA has their hands full for years to come.

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    Re: SDCC11: Valve

    Excellent news, well done NECA on acquiring the Valve license, truly one of the best licenses in gaming. I truly cannot wait to get my hands on a companion cube and portal gun replica!

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    Re: SDCC11: Valve

    Now, we need Cs figures too

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