Two hit BioWare video games receive cool new collectibles...

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Earlier this year we announced that Dark Horse will be releasing a replica ship from BioWare's Mass Effect (see our story HERE). What was a surprise at San Diego Comic-Con was that Dark Horse will be releasing TWO ships from the hit sci-fi game: The SSV Normandy from the first Mass Effect as well as the Normandy SR-2 Cerberus from Mass Effect 2. The first finely detailed resin ship will ship this October, while the second version will release in November. Both will be priced at $34.95, and if successful, more replica ships from the game are a strong possibility.

Another new Mass Effect item shown was a deck of playing cards. Featuring the cool characters from the second game - Shepard, Thane, Grunt and more - these collectible cards will release this November priced affordably at $4.99 a deck. Great way to spice up your poker matches!

Another smash BioWare video game to receive collectibles will be Dragon Age II. The fantasy title will receive playing cards as well this November, in addition to a slick resin mini-statue of the dragon Flemeth. Dark Horse is still developing this detailed and delicate item, pricing and release still to be decided.