Comic-Con 2012 to deliver a superhero smash up...

San Diego Comic-Con coverage brought to you by Tonner, Collectibles Insurance, and Big Bad Toy Store.

While Disney and Marvel pulled out of Hall H at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, the home of 2010's popular Flynn's Arcade (see our story HERE) became the home of the MARVEL MONSTERGEDDON SUPER HERO SMASH UP preview room. This location allowed Marvel fans to get up close and personal with some of the 10,000 lb. monster trucks that have been designed as popular Marvel superheroes.

The main event boasts to be the greatest Marvel live show of all time. At Comic-Con 2012, Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego will be completely transformed into the Marvel Universe with recognizable buildings, places and props from the comics and movies. The carnage-causing monsters of mass destruction will be brought to life with the aid of intense pyro, music, effects, and video footage.

Tickets are now available at for its July 24th event date during San Diego Comic-Con 2012. Following the motor sports action will be a Marvel party that will bring you even more fun such as:

- Get up close and personal with all of the coolest Marvel monsters
- Hold on tight as you ride inside an actual Marvel Monster Truck
- Check out Marvel-Themed stunt acts
- Meet Marvel Comics’ top artists and writers
- See an awesome collection of Marvel movie memorabilia
- Take part in costume contests, raffles, interactive games and amazing photo opportunities
- much, much more...

Stan Lee and John Romita Jr. (above) were both at the location to sign autographs for ticket-buying citizens. If you want to be a part of this at next year's Comic-Con, get your tickets now and also visit

Written and Photographed by David Yeh