Three, four better lock your door...

San Diego Comic-Con coverage brought to you by Tonner, Collectibles Insurance, and Big Bad Toy Store.

NECA had on display at Comic-Con their new Nightmare on Elm Street action figure collection. Sorry, but the cool dioramas were just for show. Beginning to hit retail this fall, this series includes:

* Nightmare on Elm Street Series 1 - September/ October 2011

- Original Freddy: with regular and outstretched arms
- "Freddy's Revenge" Freddy: with gloved & ungloved hands

* Nightmare on Elm Street Series 2 - Winter 2011

- "Dream Warriors" Freddy: with "Chest of Souls" and mini Elm Street house accesory
- "Dream Master" Freddy: with multiple souls escaping and alternate "cross" head

Most exciting was a new razor glove prop replica on display. Authentically based on the design seen in the very first Nightmare on Elm Street movie, this fully functional replica will feature real-metal construction. Best of all it will be priced around $60, similar to NECA's amazing glove replica from the Elm Street reboot (see our review HERE). Asked about the cool Freddy Krueger marionette doll we saw way back at Toy Fair and NECA informed us that they are still working on it, they are just taking their time because they want it perfect.