HeroClix, Superman, Gears of War, Halo, and more...

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Since its recent resurrection, WizKids has been a part of NECAís booth where the game company can show off some its cool new and upcoming products. 2011 was no different, and the selection was more varied than ever! For the first time fans got to see the full lineup of Gears of War HeroClix figures: Damon Baird, Anya Stroud, Marcus Fenix, Dominic Santiago, Augustus Cole, Locust Drone, Kantus, General Raam, Skorge, and Mauler! A couple of these figures even made it into the HeroClix section of the Diamond/Previews booth. Also on display in both locations were figures from the soon to be released Street Fighter and Halo sets, all of which are fully compatible with the HeroClix game. The biggest reveal thus far was six figures from Septemberís Superman set (on display at Diamond/Previews): Superman, Darkseid, Flash, Imperiex, Queen of Fables, and Wildfire!

Of course, while WizKids is best known for HeroClix thatís not all they do. The display at NECA included current board games like Gremlins, Freddy vs. Jason, and Star Trek Expeditions, while closed boxes only teased Hunger Games and Quarriors!

Check out all of the HeroClix and WizKids photos in our gallery HERE!