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    SDCC Masters of the Universe Classics UPDATE

    Next year to be the most powerful year for MOTUC yet...

    San Diego Comic-Con coverage brought to you by Tonner, Collectibles Insurance, and Big Bad Toy Store.

    Mattel had hinted on some Major announcements for MOTUC coming during this year's Mattypalooza panel and boy did they deliver! Here are all the announcements that were made:

    *MOTUC Create a Character Contest
    Just like the contest from 30 years ago, you'll have the chance to come up with your own design for a MOTUC character and if it's chosen as the best of the best, it could be made into an actual figure in the MOTUC line for 2012!

    *MOTUC 30th Anniversary Series
    A brand new additional MOTUC Series (not included in the yearly subscription) will consist of six unique figures that are not taken directly from the MOTUC universe but could be part of the Masters Universe. Fearless Photog* will be released in January 2012, followed by DragoMan* by the Four Horsemen (March 2012) plus (not necessarily in this order), one figure by Geoff Johns (DC Comics, Green Lantern, Infinite Crisis, Flashpoint), one from Mattel Design and one from Mattel Marketing. The sixth and final figure is planned to be the winning character from this year's Create A Character Contest and would be released in November 2012. All six figures will be new characters introduced for the first time into the Masters world. They'll be $20 each and available every other month on

    * Mini Comics The long awaited return of mini comics is coming to a MOTUC figure near you. "The Powers of Grayskull" story line will begin with the debut mini comic which will be included with next year's quarterly variant figures starting with Thunder Punch He-Man and the remaining two variants in 2012.

    * Club Eternia 2011-2012 Next year is shaping up to be an amazing one with the announcements that were made today.
    The remainder of this year's Club Eternia subscription will consiss of:
    September - Leech and Hurricane Hordak (quarterly variant)
    October - Icarius (Galactic Protectors) and the Windraider (non-club item)
    November - Snout Spout (will ship out to subscribers along with Faction logo sticker sheet) Battleground Evil Lyn, Swiftwind and She-Ra 2.0 (Bubble Power variant)
    December - Demo Man (includes 3 interchangeable heads)

    The Release Schedule for 2012 will consists of:
    January - Sorceress, Star Sisters 3-Pack (Starla,Jewelstar,Talstar)
    February - Fisto
    March - Kobra Khan (includes 2 heads)
    2012 Club Eternia Subscription Exclusive - Shadow Weaver and Preternia Map
    *Granamyr will be released at the end of 2012 and fans who attended the Mattypalooza panel got to vote whether the figure will produced in his original red Filmation colors or the green mini-comics look.

    And finally, the greatest announcement of all was the official announcement of Mattel's acquisition of Filmation characters which means that they will now be able to produce a plethora of additional figures that were never given the action figure treatment before.

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    Re: SDCC Masters of the Universe Classics UPDATE

    Well, I'm really happy they finally got the rights to make Shadow Weaver but I have to say I'm a little disappointed in her sculpt. I was hoping for more detail with the way the cloth hangs on her robe. It looks too plain and unrealistic to me, like a cheap toy.

    And Cobra Khan --like most of the monsters in this line-- looks way too clunky-clumsy 80s retro for my tastes. Bleh

    On the other hand Battleground Evil-lyn is awesome, and I have no idea who this bearded green skull-face guy is but he is an absolute must-have for me!

    The beautiful accessories this new DragoMan has have got me all excited too. Trust the Horsemen to come up with coolness. Can't wait to see the other 5 new design figs.

    So who is that huge green giant in the display pics and when will he be available?

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    Re: SDCC Masters of the Universe Classics UPDATE

    The green guy is actually Demo Man and he is not a giant. Just like Vikor, Demo Man was the original concept designed by Mattel to be He-Man's arch enemy before they changed it to Skeletor.

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