The beauties of DC and Marvel stand side by side...

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Two of Kotobukiya’s flagship lines are the Bishoujo series available in both Marvel and DC flavors. Celebrating the heroes and villains in each universe, these statues put a Japanese spin on the characters based on Shunya Yamashita art. At Comic-Con there were plenty of sexy ladies on display from both universes including Wonder Woman, Supergirl (both versions), Catwoman, Batgirl (both versions), Poison Ivy, Emma Frost (both versions), Jean Grey, Psylocke, Black Cat, Scarlet Witch, Mystique (prototype), X-23 (prototype), Elektra, the Invisible Woman, Rogue (both versions), Black Widow (both versions), Phoenix (two versions), and Ms. Marvel (two versions)!

You can see all of the lovely ladies in our photo gallery HERE!