Tons of new figures coming your way...

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In the world of 3 ¾ inch figures, you could say the Marvel Universe is a “juggernaut.” With new waves releasing all the time and highly coveted multi-packs, it’s the best way to get small scale versions of all of your favorite heroes and villains. In Hasbro’s Comic-Con booth there were plenty of Marvel Universe figures on display, including some great reveals! Upcoming releases include Greatest Battles Secret Avengers Moon Knight & Ant-Man, Colossus & Juggernaut, Gambit & Mister Sinister, and Wonder Man & Quicksilver. In the single-packed figure case attendees got to see a new Beast, Patriot, Absorbing Man, Storm, Iceman, Beta Ray Bill, Tony Stark Iron Man, Sub-Mariner, Doctor Doom, Hulk, Thor Ages of Thunder, Magneto, Shadowland Daredevil, Astonishing Wolverine, Kraven, Darkhawk, Steve Rogers, Ultron, and X-23! Avengers Assemble packs bring you classic figures with light up bases, and new three-packs let you collect teams like the Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Force, Classic Avengers, and Fantastic 4. Finally, there are even more multi-packs and the giant-size figures like the upcoming Sentinel.

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