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    SDCC11 Predator

    The Lost Tribe cometh...

    San Diego Comic-Con coverage brought to you by Tonner, Collectibles Insurance, and Big Bad Toy Store.

    Last year, NECA took a gamble on action figures based on Predators, Nimród Antal's faithful homage to 1987's sci-fi classic, Predator. While the movie wasn't a blockbuster hit, fans took a strong liking to the new creature designs - the "Super Predators" - and as such, the figure line proved quite popular. The series' success has allowed NECA the freedom to expand the line to include yautja from all three Predator films, including Predator, Predator 2 and Predators.

    In addition to receiving an action figure of the true classic Predator (not the "classic" as seen in Predators, there is a subtle difference), fans will be getting an accurate version of Predator 2's "City Hunter," and best of all, every single Predator seen at the end of the second movie: The Lost Tribe. This is the first time all eight unique creature designs have been produced as 7-inch action figures and NECA has gone to great lengths to insure these are as accurate as they can possibly be.

    The 7-inch Predator action figure marathon begins this month with the release of Series 3, a wave that wraps up the movie Predator with a masked version of the classic creature, as well as Predators with the addition of the Predator Hound. Fans also get the Elder Predator, the first in what will be numerous Predator 2-only waves to be offered well into Spring, 2012 with the release of the Lost Tribe heavy Series 6.

    However, Series 6 doesn't mark the end of Predator figures from NECA. 2012 just so happens to mark the 25th Anniversary for Predator and to celebrate NECA plans on a few more surprises, which MAY include another Quarter Scale Predator, as well as a masked City Hunter in the standard 7-inch scale.

    * PREDATOR SERIES 3 - July, 2011

    - Masked Classic Predator (Predator)
    - Elder Predator (Predator 2)
    - Predator Hound (Predators)

    * PREDATOR SERIES 4 - October, 2011

    - City Hunter (Unmasked, Open Mouth/ Predator 2)
    - Lost Tribe - Boar (Predator 2)
    - Lost Tribe - Shaman (Predator 2)

    * PREDATOR SERIES 5 - January, 2012

    - Lost Tribe - Stalker (Masked/ Predator 2)
    - Lost Tribe - Guardian "Gort" (Masked/ Predator 2)
    - Lost Tribe - Snake (Unmasked/ Predator 2)

    * PREDATOR SERIES 6 - Spring, 2012

    - Lost Tribe - Warrior (Predator 2)
    - Lost Tribe - Scout (Predator 2)
    - Lost Tribe - Lost (Predator 2)

    A new half-cloaked Berserker predator was on display as well but no details were given at the moment regarding how it may be released.

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    Re: SDCC11 Predator

    Just picked up a Series 3 set and the Hound is by far my favorite. The creature design is both creative and menacing.

    Great stuff on the way with NECA. I really hope they do a quarter-scale P2 Pred. I would love the mix of a high quality super figure with P2's paint scheme. Oh and NECA, I wouldn't mind paying $10 more for a spear or disc to go with him.

    Keep up the great work guys.

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