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Thread: SDCC11 Gremlins

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    SDCC11 Gremlins

    Mogwais and Gremlins for everyone...

    San Diego Comic-Con coverage brought to you by Tonner, Collectibles Insurance, and Big Bad Toy Store.

    Later this month sees the release of new Gremlins action figures from NECA. The first Mogwai-only wave stars everyone's favorite furrball Gizmo, George and Lenny. Those lucky enough to be at Comic-Con right now can even get an exclusive figure of Gizmo decked out with SDCC gear (read our review HERE, limited supplies also available on Amazon)! From there, NECA will be mixing things up by alternating between Mogwai and full-blown Gremlin waves. The release schedule and lineup is as follows:

    * MOGWAI WAVE 1 - July, 2011
    - Gizmo
    - George
    - Lenny

    * GREMLIN WAVE 1 - September, 2011
    - George
    - Daffy
    - Flasher

    * MOGWAI WAVE 2 - October, 2011
    - Combat Gizmo
    - Daffy
    - Mohawk

    * GREMLIN WAVE 2 - December 2011/ January 2012
    - Lenny
    - Phantom of the Opera
    - Lightening Gremlin

    NECA also plans on releasing a deluxe Spider Gremlin at some point, a figure I can't wait to get my hands on! There is a female Gremlin in the works and a coccoon egg was also on display at NECA's booth but no details have been revealed regarding how that will be released.


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    Re: SDCC11 Gremlins

    I'm really looking forward to this line. I saw the figures at Comic-Con and they looked awesome. And it's great to see a company extend their lineup regardless of how popular the license is.

    It seems lately, at least with NECA, that offerings have been slim due to the nature of the market. Hopefully we can return to the days where they would devote 3 whole series on something as obscure as Hellraiser! Gremlins is definately a good start though.

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