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    Hot Toys' Thor and Odin MMS Figures

    Marvel's godly father & son make fine 1/6 scale figures...

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    Synonymous with such great creators as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Walt Simonson, J. Michael Straczynski, John Romita, Jr., and Neal Adams, the Marvel god of thunder Thor has a new creator to thank for his recent popularity: Kenneth Branagh. Thanks to the fan-favorite actor and director, Thor has become the latest in a long line of Marvel heroes to take to the big screen. Now, thanks to Hot Toys, a company synonymous with finely crafted 12" action figure collectibles, fans of the Branagh film can pick up both Thor and Odin in amazing 12" action figure form.


    Both figures come packaged in the standard foldout-style Hot Toys' packaging with beautiful photography and script on the packages. The most eye-catching thing about the packages is the characters' red capes boldly standing out on the front against a background of black. The interior includes a photographic cover (over the molded plastic interior) which provides a character description of each character as well as an impressive image of each figure. Likewise, the molded plastic interior holds each figure and accessories securely inside.


    Both Thor and Odin's head sculpts were brought to life by sculptor GOX (Eom Jea Sung) and painted by JC Hong. Both are outstanding representations of actors Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins as both the God of Thunder Thor and the mighty Allfather Odin.

    The details on each - including the heavy beard on Odin and the light beard on Thor, the metallic eye patch over Odin's right eye, and even the wrinkles on Odin's forehead - make each head sculpt particularly impressive. Likewise, the interchangeable hair pieces provide each figure with the ability to wear their respective helmets.

    Likewise, the sculpting on the figures' costumes - to include the chest armor, boots, shoulder armor, and bracers - is impressive, a combination of practical design and comic mythology. The geometric shapes are all present and similar to the comic, but in a more modern and practical design that seems a bit more realistic (if you can use the word "realistic" when talking about a fictional comic character brought to life on the big screen).

    Overall, the sculpting is beautifully done with plenty of detail, impressive design work, and amazing craftsmanship.


    Both figures include a unique "muscular" Hot Toys body which features similar articulation to the regular Truetype figure, which includes over 38 points of articulation, including ball jointed shoulders and hips, double articulated knees, a pivot waist, a pivot chest, peg ankles and wrists, and a sculpted, ball-jointed neck. This amount of articulation on the 1/6th scale body provides plenty of opportunity for poseability, though movement in the arms, legs and neck is limited due to the tight sleeves, pants, and hair pieces.


    Both Odin and Thor include a number of accessories, including numerous alternative hands which provide each figure the ability to hold their respective weapons, including Odin's spear Gungnir and Thor's hammer Mjolnir. Both weapons are expertly crafted, the hammer made of real metal with a leather-like wrapping around the handle and the spear featuring a bright gold plate and made of molded plastic. Both fell sturdy and solid, especially the hammer.

    Both figures include a cloth cape which provides each a regal, royal look...and rightfully so considering they are the leaders of Asgard. Likewise, both figure also include interchangeable hair pieces and helmets which provide them both with an alternate look. Each figure's helmet fits snugly over their head when wearing the appropriate helmet hair and provides a film-accurate, battle-ready look.

    One of the most impressive accessories is the mound upon which Thor's hammer can sit, a perfect replica of the display from the film and a very cool way to display the hammer should you choose not to have Thor hold it. Though why you wouldn't want Thor holding Mjolnir is beyond me...


    With a retail price of $169.99 each, these are slightly higher than many of Hot Toys' other figures, though considering they both Marvel Studios film licensed characters, the price seems fair. Likewise, considering the fine detail and various parts and pieces which went into these figures, the price seems pretty good.

    Overall, the pair of figures makes for a great addition to any 1/6th scale fan's collection. If you're a fan of Marvel Studio films or Thor, these are a "must have" as they are gorgeous to look at and, as previously mentioned, extremely film accurate. While some of the articulation is lost due the tight-fitting clothing and hair, the overall impression left by these figures is outstanding.

    Both Hot Toys Thor and Odin Movie Masterpiece Series figures are available now wherever fine figures and collectibles are sold.

    - photos by CK Lee; review by Jess C Horsley

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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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