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    Hot Toys' Bruce Lee DX and Icons 1/6 Figures

    Enter the Dragon DX-04, In Suit, and Casual Icon figures hit retail...

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    By many, Bruce Lee is considered the greatest martial artist to ever live. Not only was he the creator of Jeet Kune Do and victorious in numerous real world fights, but Lee also stared in over 30 films and helped promote Eastern marital arts to the world at a time when many outside of Asia had rarely heard of such a thing. In fact, many of today’s best fighters and action film stars trace their love of martial arts back to Bruce Lee’s presence on the big screen, kicking and punching his way through his enemies.

    While numerous toy companies have captured the fan-favorite actor and fighter in action figure form, Hot Toys, the company synonymous with 1/6th scale perfection, recently brought to life the American-born, Hong Kong acting legend as in three different 12” figures: a Deluxe "Enter the Dragon" figure, a "In Suit" figure, and a "Casual" figure. Each includes a plethora of details and features which will surely impress not only Bruce Lee fans, but 1/6 scale action figure fans and collectors as well.

    Bruce Lee "In Suit" and "Casual" Icon Figures

    Bruce Lee was famous for his Hollywood lifestyle following his success as an actor and creator and no doubt the man knew how to dress. Thus, it only makes sense Hot Toys would help fans memorialize one of the greatest action film stars and fighters in two unique figures: "In Suit" and "Casual."

    Both feature similar packaging with the actor's visage across the front of a solidly constructed and sparsely decorated durable box. The exterior features a description of the actor as well as the action figure creator credits while the interior of the box features a more versed explanation of the actor's career as well as additional information about the man himself.

    The figure and accessories - to include various hand sculpts, bases, and chairs - are solidly housed inside of a piece of die-cut foam which both protects the figures and holds them solid and secure until they're unpacked and put on display.

    Both figures are of unique design, similar to the ("Enter the Dragon" DX figure) with a variety of articulation points as well as a sculpted rubbery plastic torso and midsection which provides an excellent figure base. Likewise, the head sculpt, shared by these two sculpts, is of the actor smiling.

    A solid representation of the martial artist, the smiling face sculpt is a great fit for these two figures as they both provide an alternative to the aggressive, fighting faces made by the actor in his films.

    The outfits on each figures are detailed and well made with everything from minute seems on the trousers, blouse and suit jacket on the "In Suit" figure to the small grommets and drawcord on the blouse and belt buckle, belt and jeans on the "Casual" figure.

    As an added bonus, besides the standard Hot Toys base with name plaque, both of these figures also includes a unique chair for the figure to sit in, providing a unique display option for fans and collectors. The "In Suit" figure includes a director's chair, fitting for a man who helped not only direct but also write and choreograph the 1972 film "Way of the Dragon."

    The "Casual" figure includes a fold out lounge/beach chair which, again, seems fitting considering the actor lived in California for many years and no doubt enjoyed the west coast lifestyle.

    Overall, both the "In Suit" and "Casual" Bruce Lee figures make for fine additions to any 1/6 scale collection. Priced at $154.99 each, these are aimed more at the die-hard collector than the casual fan.

    Bruce Lee "Enter the Dragon" DX-04 Figure

    Packaged in a plainly decorated massive box holding a massive amount of parts, pieces and bases; this figure is one for the die-hard collector who's ready to spend big bucks on what is sure to be the "must have" Bruce Lee collectible of the year. The Bruce Lee DX-04 set includes three different bases, two unique head sculpts, seven pairs of posed hands, three movie-accurate outfits, and a variety of weapons and tools, and is no doubt one of the most impressive collectible to hit retailers this year.

    The two unique bodies included with the "exclusive" version each feature the same structure and articulation; however, one of the bodies features the bloody scratches inflicted upon the warrior in the fan-favorite film. Likewise, one of the head sculpts too features these bloody scratches, allowing die-hard fans to pose both bloodied and unbloodied figures side-by-side in their display. Also worth mentioning, both of the head sculpts feature the PERS (Parallel Eyeball Rolling System) which allows collectors to move the figure's eyes, allowing for an even wider variety of display options.

    Likewise, the set includes two unique standee/environment bases which should meet fan approval (above). One is the dungeon featured in the film while the other features the rotating mirrored doorway made ever-so-famous in the film's final fight. Both background environment pieces can be removed and the figure can be placed upon the stand in a simpler display.

    To add to the amazing bases, the set also includes the various costumes worn throughout the film, including both the fighter's signature dark body suit and white and black gi (above, below). This provides additional display options for those fans wishing to show case the various looks of Bruce Lee's character from "Enter the Dragon."

    No matter if you're a die-hard fan or casual collector, the Hot Toys Bruce Lee "Enter the Dragon" DX-04 figure is an extraordinary addition to any collection. Unlike the "In Suit" and "Casual" Bruce Lee figures, this figure is one for the masses, which may explain its growing price on the secondary market. Originally priced at $219.99, most retailers are sold out of this impressive piece. In fact, the exclusive version (which included both the regular and bloody 1/6th scale bodies) is demanding as much as $400+ on the secondary market thanks to the limited number made and the amazing popularity of the martial arts and film icon.

    Featuring an impressive package, a wide variety of accessories, a unique 1/6th scale body, and multiple display options, the Hot Toys Bruce Lee "Enter the Dragon" DX-04 is finest figure of the fighter-turned-actor to be had today.

    All three of these impressive Bruce Lee figures are made by the always amazing Hot Toys company and are available at many fine online retailers as well as on the secondary market now.

    - review and photos by Jess Horsley
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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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