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    ADVANCE LOOK: NECA's SDCC Exclusive Gremlins Gizmo

    Everyone's favorite mogwai available exclusively at San Diego...

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    Though it’s hard to believe, Gremlins came out way back in 1984. The film’s popularity continues on today, mostly based on the incredible designs of its creatures. While the evil Gremlins are cool, it was truly the adorable mogwai named Gizmo that captured the hearts of viewers. 27 years later, NECA is debuting incredible new mogwai figures, and the attendees of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con have the chance to get something really special, the exclusive SDCC Gizmo! It’s not just an exclusive, but a variant of the toy representing the character attending the convention alongside the fans. We’ve got an exclusive sneak peek of Gizmo today, but you’ll have to wait until SDCC to get yours.

    Everyone knows Gizmo, one of the most recognizable characters in film history. The mogwai is a mysterious species (maybe related to rodents?), small and bipedal with three-fingered hands and feet, intelligent eyes, and huge ears. While later examples exhibited aggression, the specimen known as Gizmo was kind-hearted and cute to the point of ridiculousness. Of course, there are three rules for keeping mogwai: 1. Keep it away from bright lights, especially sunlight. 2. Don’t get it wet. 3. Never feed it after midnight. If any of those rules are broken... well, you’ve seen the movies.

    When you pick up your Gizmo at the convention, you’ll find him secured in a sturdy clamshell as made popular by NECA’s figures. A relatively simple J-hook package, it’s got everything you need. At the top is the all-important SDCC logo so you know it’s an exclusive. Gizmo is front and center in the clear bubble, surrounded by his cool accessories. In front of him is an insert with the movie’s logo and the character’s name, along with a cute photo from the film. Lest you think Mogwai ownership is all fun and games, though, there’s a silhouette of a Gremlin reaching up behind the figure!

    Gizmo stands about 3 inches tall, a perfect size for the cute little mogwai. Unsurprisingly in a toy from NECA, he’s got a phenomenal sculpt. In basic shape he’s fat and bunchy, with a round torso, stubby limbs, and a wide, flat head leading to huge bat wing-like ears. The details of the sculpt take this Gizmo to the next level, starting with intricate fur textures over most of his body. They even vary with the patterns of color and the natural flow of his anatomy, truly a remarkable job substituting hard plastic for fur. The exposed skin of Gizmo’s hands, feet, and ears are subtly wrinkled, with distinct knuckles and finger/toe nails. The skin around the mogwai’s eyes and on his face is smooth, but the proportions and details of his nose and mouth are right on.

    While the patterns of color on the coat of mogwais vary from specimen to specimen, each is unique. Gizmo is alternating white and a nutty brown, with tan skin. Paint applications on the exclusive figure are excellent, with just the right amount of blending at the “edges” between fur colors. His skin is a distinctly different color, and it too has subtle gradations to make it appear more flesh-like. Gizmo’s eyes are a deep brown color as well, complete with black pupils and barely visible white sclera. One really neat, small detail is that in Gizmo’s slightly open mouth are painted white teeth.

    Gizmo has very good articulation, and that’s quite a feat for a chubby little mogwai. He’s all ball-joints with ears, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hips. The arms feature joints hidden by successive layers of fur, which make the figure look great in resting poses. Of course, even with all that articulation Gizmo is fairly limited in poseability, but he looks really cute no matter how he’s posed.

    For the latest generation of Gremlins toys NECA has developed a special feature in eye posing. Gizmo has a moveable ball in the back of his head that’s tied to his eyes. Simply thumb the ball in any direction and the mogwai’s eyes will move accordingly! It’s a great feature that adds another level of fun and poseability.

    Of course, even with all of that this is no ordinary Gizmo. No, this is the star attraction of San Diego Comic-Con, and he’s outfitted appropriately! Gizmo comes with three very special accessories. Pre-packaged around his neck is a tiny Comic-Con attendee badge on a red (plastic) “lanyard.” Look closely and you can see that it is loaded with detail including the SDCC logo, “Gizmo,” “Warner Bros.,” “PROFESSIONAL,” a barcode, and “San Diego Comic-Con.” Everyone knows it’s bright and sunny in San Diego, and so Gizmo also has a pair of cool sunglasses. The slick black shades look just like the ones he had in the movie, and they attach easily via hooks that fit around his head. The ends of the glasses even have sculpted fur so that they blend in!

    Finally, NECA celebrates the ubiquitous Warner Bros. Comic-Con bags with Gizmo’s exclusive tote. Just larger than him, the blue bag has the SDCC logo on one side and the WB icon on the other.

    With a great sculpt, perfect look right out of the movie, and really cool accessories, Gizmo is sure to be one of the most popular exclusives at this year’s Comic-Con. Don’t wait to get yours; head directly to NECA’s booth #3145 and take home your own mogwai for $20. Just keep him out of the San Diego sun!

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

    Review Sample Courtesy of NECA

    Packaged Photo Courtesy of NECA

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