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    Sideshow TRACKER PREDATOR Maquette

    The hunt is on for latest "Predators" collectible...

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    The movie Predators introduced audiences to a brand new breed of "Super Predator". They were stronger, cooler looking and uglier than ever with their distinctive armor and masks. The film has sprouted many different collectibles from several reputable companies such as Sideshow Collectibles’ Predators maquette series. This exciting new statue series results from a unique collaboration with KNB EFX Group. The latest in the series, The Tracker Predator Maquette depicts the mysterious predator as he tries to pull back his ravenous hound.

    PACKAGING: Sideshow has always done a great job with their composition and package designs and the new Tracker Predator is no exception to the rule. The outer box for this piece features a huge image of the Tracker’s head on the left -hand corner of box which spills over to the next side giving the package a fantastic eye-catching profile look at the creature from the corner. The background design throughout the entire package is covered in a stark black with random bursts of crimson coming from the edges creating the illusion of blood splatter. On the other side of the box, there is a large image of the Tracker and hound on its base with the Predators movie logo emblazoned on the top.

    SCULPT: One of the most impresive things about this particular piece is the dynamic pose of the Tracker Predator. The sculptor has done an amazing job in capturing that dramatic moment in which the predator is pulling back the blood-thirsty hound with all his might as he grips the magnetically attached chains that anchor on to the creatures's hyde. The Tracker's knees are bent in a way that illustrates the sheer force that he is using to maintain control of the creature not to mention the way the tendrils on his head are floating wildly in mid air.

    Both of these elements are crucial in illustrating movement on a statue and both Sideshow and KBE EFX have done a fantastic job at accomplishing this. The Tracker's head sculpt captures the essence of the predator quite well but the most impressive aspect of the head is the way the dreadlock-like tendrils are wipping around wildly in all directions.

    The hound is also rendered flawlessly in three-dimensional form as it tries to get loose if the Trackers grip and the creature's front legs spill over the edge of the statue base which makes the overall look of the piece more dramatic. The hound's gigantic bone-like quills stick out from the top of its body pointing in all directions. Several of the longer quills on the creature need to be inserted into their individually color coded slots during assembly but it is a rather simple task to accomplish. The head sculpt on the hound captures the creature's menacing guise with its mouth gaping wide open and ready to attack its prey.

    Both the Tracker and his hound stand atop an incredibly life-like enviromental base which adds a significant realistic element to the piece. The enviroment depicts a barren desert with random rocks and dried out tree trunks. The base feature strtegically placed holes in which the Tracker and hound's metal pegs can be inserted for simple assembly. The base also features an ornate trim around its edges of an alien-liek nature as the icing on the cake. The staue measures approximatelly 16" from bottom of the base to the top of the Predator's head and is a bit wider than other statues at 15 inches.

    PAINT: The color application on this piece is not exactly what you would expect from a high-end collectible of this nature. The metal components of the Tracker's armor and mask are colored very well and bare that worn-out metallic look which adds realism to the piece. While the enviromental base and hound are painted beautifully, the colors on the Tracker look very flat and there is not a lot of contrast between the costume and the creature's skin tones. This is mostly evident in the neck and shoulder area where the bone tusks on the Tracker's necklace are painted in an almost identical color as the creature's flesh. As a whole, the piece is very nice to look at but could have turned out a thousand times better if a broader selection of colors and glosses would have been utilized on it.

    OVERALL: The Tracker Maquette is a nice piece to add to your Predator collection, but with its price point of $300.00, it leaves much to be desired in terms of detail and paint application. Nonetheless, this statue offers several unique qualities which compliment its value, such as its large scale, real metal chains and dynamically sculpted pose. This statue offers a rare look at the Tracker and his hound in action and there is no doubt that would look awesome as a display piece in your home.

    Strange enough, the regular edition of the Tracker Predator Maquette is now sold out, but the exclusive version with bonus art print (same price) is in-stock HERE.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles

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