Megator's secret accesory, Ghostbusters gift sets, more...

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Now that it has been revealed that Megator's secret accesory is a zombified head, would you consider releasing a new zombified body to go along with it sometime in the future?

We actually are not going to comment on the secret accessory until after he is released for those who still want the joy of experiencing the accessory for the first time when opening the box.
Will the Queen Marlena/Cringer packaging be the same size as last year's Orko/Adam set?

Yes. It uses that blister card.
When will Club Eternia subscribers receive the bonus faction stickers that were announced a few months ago and are there any plans for a discount coupon for the new vehicle perhaps?

Yes, the stickers are coming in the fall to subscribers only but no, there will not be a discount coupon for the vehicle.
We know how important it is to get the MOTUC line into brick and mortar stores is it will insure the life of the line. The DC vs. Masters packs have been a great concept but how about including an exclusive limited edition He-Man and Skeletor figure with next year's 30th Anniversary DVD's? Is this something you have considered pursuing?

It actually is not vital to the line to do this. The line is doing fantastic on
The Ghostbusters 2 gift set was a great idea but they all seem to be sitting on the shelves at my local Toy"R"Us stores, no doubt due to the fact that the figures are based on the second film instead of the original. Have you considered releasing a different set this year that will include all the Ghostbusters in their original film colors to boost interest in the line?

No, you can get the figures in their movie 1 deco on We wanted to ensure the set at TRU offered something different and complimentary to the online offerings.

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