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    PHOTO REVIEW: NECA's Freddy's Revenge

    50 all-new images of the famed Nightmare on Elm Street slasher...

    Get ready for the definitive Freddy.

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    During my NECA studio tour (CLICK HERE if you missed the story), I was provided with an early production sample from their newest Nightmare on Elm Street assortment: Freddy's Revenge. Part of the first series due out later this summer that also includes the original Freddy Krueger (with interchangable long arms), this verison of Freddy is from the second film - the film that very much defined his look. Where Krueger was hidden in shadows throughout most of the first movie, Freddy's Revenge showed off the killer in all his charred glory. We even got to see his brain, which is provided with this action figure in the form of an alternate "exposed brain" snarling head sculpt. Both heads look incredible, with or without the removable fedora hat, though if I had to choose one, it'd be the closed mouth version. The way his eyes are sculpted glaring slightly off to the side adds for a very striking display.

    Freddy approves.

    Fans also get their choice of two razor weapons: the iconic bladed glove OR his bare hand with knives protruding from the fingertips! The many cool and movie-accurate poses you can get with this figure are amazing: be it Krueger with his glove tucked menacingly behind his back or outstretched and ready to slash away.

    I'm a huge Nightmare on Elm Street fan and own quite a few Freddy figures produced over the years. While I'm equally excited about NECA's new original Freddy with extended arms simply because it's so new and different, Freddy's Revenge to me is the DEFINITIVE Freddy Krueger. Sculpting has come a long way since McFarlane first unleash Freddy as a Movie Maniac, and NECA's new Freddy's Revenge action figure certainly shows that. Even NECA's very own "Freddy vs. Jason" Krueger figure, a past favorite of mine, pales in comparison to this new release. Enough talk, judge for yourself with the 50 revealing photos I took of the new Freddy's Revenge action figure, just follow the link below!


    "You've got the body... I've got the BRAINS!"

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    Re: PHOTO REVIEW: NECA's Freddy's Revenge

    Not a big fan of it. I have a pretty good Freddy collection but I think I will pass on this one.

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    Re: PHOTO REVIEW: NECA's Freddy's Revenge

    Quote Originally Posted by deadseadrop View Post
    Not a big fan of it. I have a pretty good Freddy collection but I think I will pass on this one.
    Would like to see your collection.

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    Re: PHOTO REVIEW: NECA's Freddy's Revenge

    I love how everytime i run across awesome breaking news like this there's always people that say how they'll pass. how bout you pass on the post pal?

    haha i swear people just love to post their opinions.

    well i love it! and i'll be getting it! & i love the side by side with the MM1 freddy, great comparison! awesome fig - i can't wait!

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