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    Tonner Clash of the Titans Perseus

    1/4 scale Character Figure of Sam Worthington's Greek demigod comes to life...

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    When the remake of Clash of the Titans debuted, it received little critic acclaim. In fact, many diehard fans of the classic 1981 fantasy hated the modern CGI remake starring today's Hollywood "it" man: Sam Worthington. However, that didn't stop fan-favorite collectibles companies from picking up the license to make action figures and collectibles based on the main character Perseus. One of those companies, Tonner Doll Company, has released an impressive 17" (1/4 scale) Perseus Tonner Character Figure.


    The Perseus Tonner Character Figure (PTCF) comes packaged in a large, durable black box featuring the film's title on the front. Attractive in its simplicity, the box requires the box to be opened to see the TCF.

    Inside white ribbon ties secure the figure to the box. The figure's extremities and body are protected by small pieces of foam to ensure the TCF's paint and outfit aren't harmed. Likewise, the TCF's accessories (which you'll read more about later) are secured inside the box with bubble wrap and plastic to ensure they too arrive undamaged and ready for display. Overall, the packaging is simple and durable.


    According to Tonner's description of this particular Character Figure, it features a sculpted likeness of film star Sam Worthington. From certain angles, I see it; from others, not so much (below). That said, the most impressive part of this particular TCF is the outfit and armor, which is accurately sculpted to represent the chest plate, greaves, sandals, and leather skirt which are all impressive. The chest armor especially (above) accurately captures the figure's look from the film. Everything from the minor nicks and scars to the metallic glean are present.

    The figure body used here is the 17" Male Athletic Body with brown eyes and molded brown hair. A rare feature on a TCF, the molded hair here works well as rooted hair, which is the standard on TCF, wouldn't look right. Thankfully, the painting on the face - to include the shaded hair, lips, and eyes as well as shadowed facial sculpt all compliment the overall look of the figure. My only complaint is the lack of a "gripping" hand to allow the sword to be held. I'll get to that later.


    The Tonner 17" Male Athletic Body features a number of moveable joints, including pin-joint wrists, hinge elbows, ball-joint shoulders, pin neck, hips, hinge knees and hinge ankles. Due to the limited range of poseability in the ankles and knees, the hip joints aren't nearly as useful. The arm joints - and specifically the elbows - are limited in range of movement as well, though the wrist's ability to turn both side to side and in and out allow for the figure to be posed with the sword in a number of positions (above).


    As previously mentioned, the outfit is the true standout of this figure. A linen-like tunic of greenish brown is worn under the warrior's armor, which is, as previously said, impressive in its film-accurate sculpting. Likewise, the faux leather detailing, bracers, studded leg guards and lace-up sandals all compliment one another and complete the outfit (above, below).

    The metal-like sword and scale-like shield (above), accurate to the film, provide additional display options as one can display the TCF with either accessory, both, or neither. As I said earlier, because the figure features only an open palm and no "gripping" hand, the sword is unable to be held by the figure. Instead, the sword features a clear plastic strap which can be wrapped around the figure's wrist to allow the sword to hang from the figure's wrist (below).


    Priced at $224.99, the Perseus Tonner Character Figure is quite a bit higher in price than similarly licensed Pop Culture Character Figures like The Lord of the Rings' Strider, Firefly's Captain Malcolm Reynolds or Tron's Flynn. That said, Perseus comes from a big budget Hollywood blockbuster and no doubt cost some money to license.

    Overall, while the sculpt isn't perfect and the body leaves something to be desired in regards to articulation, the outfit and accessories (above) are truly the standouts of this collectible. The minute detailing on the faux leather skirt, chest armor and shoulder pads, the string ties on both the arm armor and greaves, and the sculpting on the chest armor, sword and shield all make this a beautiful display piece for fans of Tonner Character Figures and Perseus from the Clash of the Titans.

    The Clash of the Titans Perseus Character Figure is available online now from

    Photos and Review by Jess C. Horsley

    Review Sample Courtesy of Tonner

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    "Until next time...have FUN with your figures!!"

    Jess C. Horsley

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