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    Mimoco Green Lantern x MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive Collection

    Flash drive characters go green with Hal Jordan and the gang...

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    The Mimoco partnership with DC Comics continues with four all new MIMOBOT USB flash drives. Their initial collection brought you the heroes and villains of Gotham City with the Batman x MIMOBOT set (check out our review HERE). Now, the next group of characters to be transformed into MIMOBOTs is none other than the Green Lantern Corps and its enemy! Just in time to coincide with the release of the live action feature film as well as the animated Emerald Knights movie (read our review of that HERE) comes the Green Lantern x MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive Collection headlined by Hal Jordan and Sinestro (not pictured here are Kilowog and Tomar-Re).

    MIMOBOTS surround high quality USB drives with a firm plastic shell in the general shape of a tall-headed humanoid. At about 2.5 inches tall and 1 inch wide, they’re the perfect size for travel and use, while at the same time being fun collectibles. The beauty of the MIMOBOT is its simplicity, and the “sculpt” is limited to the general soft body shape, stumpy arms, and optional head decorations (some even have hairpieces that fit over the main body). Pop off the top of a MIMOBOT’s head to reveal the USB port (utilizing high speed USB 2.0 and fully Mac/PC compatible), and secure it again with a solid snap. Most MIMOBOTs are available in your choice of capacities: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB. Mimoco even goes a step further by offering exclusive pre-loaded “Mimory” including fun wallpapers, icons, and more.

    The four members of the Green Lantern x MIMOBOT collection come packaged in the same basic box, a sleek and fun window box. Tall and narrow, these MIMOBOT boxes are boldly green with a pattern of Green Lantern logos in the background. Surrounded by a MIMOBOT silhouette cutout the individual characters are visible on the left side of the front panel, surrounded by the Green Lantern logo, the storage capacity, the MIMOBOT logo, and the character’s name. The DC Universe logo adorns the very top. The back of each box has a brief announcement about the partnership between Mimoco and DC Comics along with images of each drive and a handful of other available characters.

    Open any of the MIMOBOT boxes and the first thing you’ll see is a handy pronunciation guide! And that’s still not all; behind the plastic tray holding the MIMOBOT is a fold out insert with a cool image of the four characters on a GL-inspired green pinwheel backdrop.

    For the last 51 years, Green Lantern has pretty much been all about Hal Jordan. Today the same is true and that goes for the comics, animation with last week’s Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, and the live action film coming this week. And so appropriately Hal Jordan is the first character in the MIMOBOT Green Lantern line. He wears what appears to be a comic-inspired GL uniform with a detailed bodysuit in several shades of green, black, and white. There’s painted musculature on his chest, and his GL symbol is bright and clean. Hal focuses all of his willpower with pursed lips, and his mask covers up his eyes and the upper part of his face. Meanwhile his hair is unruly and detailed with brown and black paint.

    On the other side of the “spectrum” is Sinestro, the eternal archenemy of Hal Jordan. Once one of the greatest Green Lanterns, the Korugarian split from the Corps to create his own based on the yellow energy of fear. The villainous USB drive wears his Sinestro Corps uniform in yellow, black, brown, and silver (a much more complex color palette than GL’s). There are tons of minute painted details from the star-shaped “collar” to the Sinestro Corps chest logo, silver belt, and brown arm bands. Confronted with his old comrade Sinestro is full of rage, evidenced by the sneer on his purple face. Face and forehead lines and hugely slanted eyebrows give him a decidedly evil appearance, and his black hair starts way up on his forehead with some sparse blue details. Both Hal and Sinestro have painted starbursts on their respective ring hands to represent their power rings going full blast!

    Once you’re done playing with your MIMOBOTs, you can also plug them into your computer! And when you do, you get not only high quality USB drives, but also fun “Mimory” components that let you customize your computer with Green Lantern. Each drive comes with the same content broken down into four categories. Avatars give you fourteen choices of images to represent you (three versions each of the four characters plus Green Lantern and Sinestro Corps logos). Icons presents you with 24 images including character art, mini MIMOBOTs, logos, masks, rings, and more that you can use to decorate your drives and folders.

    There’s a silly and fun screensaver, available in both PC and Mac formats in different sizes, that depicts the characters charging their rings (which naturally cause their heads to pop off revealing the USB drives inside) and fighting! Finally, the Wallpapers folder has nine images (two of each character plus a group action shot) in sizes designed for mobile devices, iPads, and all shapes and sizes of computer screens!

    However, the fun doesn’t even stop there. When you’re on the go Mimoco has the perfect solution for your flash media needs, the Spacesuit protoHoodie! Available in black or white (and with versions for MIMOBOTs with differently shaped ears), the Hoodies enclose your characters in soft fabric while allowing them to see out through the thin layer of clear vinyl. Hoodies zip up behind your MIMOBOT securely and have a clip at the top for attaching to your keychain, backpack, or just about anything else!

    You can order your Green Lantern x MIMOBOT collection now at, with each character (including Kilowog and Tomar-Re) available in 2, 4, 8, or 16GB. These make perfect gifts for GL fans and collectors, and with the film out this week you know they’re going to go quickly! With great character selection, high quality glossy paint jobs, and real functionality, MIMOBOTs are fun and useful for just about anybody. And don’t forget the Spacesuit protoHoodies for their intergalactic escapades!

    Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

    Review Samples Courtesy of Mimoco

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