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    NECA's Player Select DUKE NUKEM

    Hail to the NEW king, baby. Over 40 new images!

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    Way back in 1997, ReSaurus set my world on fire with action figures based on the hit video game Duke Nukem 3D (see our Card Back story HERE). These were, and still are to some degree, remarkable collectibles. But boy have times changed. Here we are over a decade later and not only are we getting an updated new Duke Nukem video game, but also an updated Duke Nukem action figure from NECA. The figure is available now (SRP $15) while the long awaited game - Duke Nukem Forever - hits retail June 14th. You can check out the launch trailer, which was released today, HERE (WARNING: Trailer Not Safe For Work!).

    I'm not going to go into a long-winded review on the new Duke versus the old. Toy making technology has changed radically from 15 years ago. The biggest improvement with NECA's Duke is a much cleaner sculpt and oodles of articulation. Collectors will be pleased to know that NECA went all out on this figure, adding in articulation points like an ab-crunch, DCU-like thigh joints, double-jointed knees, ball wrists and head... the list is endless. The most impressive addition is a very unusual, very useful ball-swivel articulation in Duke's shoulder/ upper arms. Well concealed (for being exposed flesh anyways), the combination of joints here allows you to pose Duke's arms in a wide range of stances - from blasting away the evil aliens to smoking his stogie. Good stuff.

    The price fans pay for a killer sculpt and articulation is a lack of accessories. It's not NECA's fault - as I'm sure they would have loved to have given Duke an arsenal of weapons - but more of a reflection of today's market. To get this figure at $15, one has to do a balancing act. I'm thankful NECA took the route they did as I would much rather have a fully articulated figure with fewer accessories over a static one with tons of gear. As is, Duke comes armed with his trusty golden pistol for his right hand and a cigar for gripping gingerily in his left. The cigar was an excellent choice, making Duke appear more like the super bada$$ that he is. It's a bit tricky to keep in his hand, but a small dab of glue did the trick for me. The gun, while a cool sculpt, is a tad too small for my liking. It's a small gripe, however, as Duke can hold pretty much anything you place in his hand. I have this larger magnum revolver from an old Neon Genesis Evangelion figure that I prefer. Painted gold, of course. He also holds the older Duke Nukem action figure's weapons well, if you prefer a little Freeze Ray or Devastator action.

    Whether you're an old fan like myself or an eager newbie, NECA's Duke Nukem is an amazing tribute to one of the world's most iconic video game action stars. The action figure has what it takes, lets all hope the new game does too. Come get some!

    NOTE: In my eagerness to own the perfect Duke Nukem, some small, minor custom paint applications were applied prior to photography. These include the addition of gold on the tips of Duke's bandolier bullets, belt buckle and the back of his gloves. The rest is all NECA - job well done!

    Review and Photos by Jeff Saylor

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    Re: NECA's Player Select DUKE NUKEM

    That new bicep swivel is just odd, looks like he can't hold a rifle in two hands. Why not just stick with the old tried and tested Gears of War articulation or give us a taster of the upcoming Gears of War 3 articulation? Strange choice from NECA.

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    Re: NECA's Player Select DUKE NUKEM

    Oh, he can hold a rifle two-handed easily. I failed to shoot any pics of him doing that because I had already secured his stogie in his left hand See below though, gives ya an idea. How it works: full ball-joint at the shoulder and then the new joint - a swivel at the bicep that swings forward, in addition to a hinge elbow and ball wrists. Pretty darn flexible. About the only thing lacking is that shoulderblade articulation that swings out in the back as seen on their Crysis 2 figure. Once you have him in hand, I think you'll be amazed.

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