MOTU vehicles? MOTU 12 inch figures?

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It's pretty safe to say that we will definitely be seeing the first MOTUC vehicle on display at this year's Comic-Con but is there any chance we may also be geting a peek at the next one to follow in it's footsteps?

Not at SDCC 2011. At this point we don’t know if there will be a vehicle in 2012. We need to see how the 2011 fall vehicle does first!
Will She-Ra 2.0 be part of the Club Eternia subscription this year?

No. If we included her we would have had to cancel another figure as we are locked into a specific amount of figures included in the subscription when we sold it.
If you were to ever produce 12" figures of Masters of the Universe in the future, would you develop a new heroic 1/6th muscular buck for the figures?

Yes, if we did 12” MOTUC figures they would need a new 12” buck, but there are no plans for this right now.
The new 3 3/4" scale Kilowog movie figure includes a universal construct adapter that works well with the 6" DC Lantern Corps members. Was this a thought-out plan to expand the availability of new constructs for DCUC or just a fluke?

It was not originally thought out when we came up with the concept, but once we saw this it was followed through.
You mentioned month's ago that the release of additional Young Justice 6" figures would depend on how the first two figures would do but several websites are taking pre-orders for Red Arrow now as well. Has there been a change in plans or is the Red Arrow figure in hiatus till further notice?

We are still waiting to see how the first few figures do before confirming any others.