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    Hot Toys MMS Vinyl Rango & Priscilla Collectible Figures Set

    There's a new sheriff in the town of Dirt...

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    I’m sure most movie-goers didn't know what to expect when the animated film Rango was first teased in theatres with a trailer that featured an odd wind-up fish swimming across a desert highway. It in no way related the final film story that features a nervous, overacting chameleon who is thrust from him peaceful life in an aquarium into the wild Mojave Desert where he meets a cast of bizarre characters living in a dusty old town called Dirt. The film is Gore Verbinski’s first since coming off of the wildly popular Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy and is also his first animated foray. And speaking of firsts, the film marks the first feature-length animated film entirely done by Industrial Light & Magic. The film ended up being wildly successful with both critics and the general public, being the fourth highest grossing film of 2011 thus far. Despite this, there is almost no merchandise whatsoever for a film that could have easily generated a fun and interesting line of action figures, plush, etc. Luckily Hot Toys stepped in and created a fantastic companion piece to the movie with a set of non-poseable vinyl figures based on two of the film’s main characters: Rango (the hero) voiced by Johnny Depp and Priscilla, an odd little Cactus Mouse voiced by Abigail Breslin. While Rango is available as a separate figure, the Collector Set is the only way to get Priscilla.

    The two figures are packaged together in a full-color box with a front opening flap that lifts up to reveal the figures through a display window. Inside, a form-fitting plastic shell protects the characters. Once removed the insert behind the figures acts as a backdrop showcasing a view down the main street of Dirt.

    Rango is definitely the stronger of the two figures in the set. The detail is extraordinary and he comes off more like a film production maquette than an 8-inch collectible figure. Every inch of the figure is sculpted to match his reptilian on-screen counterpart, from the scales and bumps of his skin to the wrinkles and folds of his clothes. He features a ton of small details such as his sculpted cartridge belt, pistol and holster, and spurred boots. His hat is removable as an added feature, but essentially just sits on his head and easily slides off with any movement. The fantastic sculpt is highlighted by some really nice paint apps which capture the gritty, rugged western feel and color scheme of the film. I especially like the use of a combination of airbrush and dry brushing to achieve a more realistic effect.

    Priscilla, while diminutive in comparison with Rango, is still quite detailed. The majority of the sculpting centers around her head sculpt, which features a completely hand-sculpted fur covering the entire thing. Her hat is non-removable and has a great texturing effect to make it look like worn suede. Her pigtails and tail jut out behind her and have a corded feel despite being made from hard plastic. One of the most noticeable features of the character is her large piercing yellow eyes. Hot Toys created a special glassy, magnified effect by applying decals in concaved sockets under clear plastic eyeballs that protrude out from the head. Like Rango, Priscilla features a mostly muted, dry brushed paint job to add additional grit and texture to the sculpt.

    The only really bad thing to say about the figures isn’t even really a gripe with the figures themselves. My complaint is that I would love to see more characters released, at least another Rango in his Hawaiian shirt, Beans (the main female antagonist), and the Mariachi Owls, but Bad Bill, Rattlesnake Jake, Roadkill, or any of the other crazy looking desert creatures would be great too. Regardless, I’m happy to get any collectibles from this great animated film, especially ones as detailed as these two vinyl figures. The MMS Vinyl Rango & Priscilla Collectible Figures Set is available now from Hot Toys.

    Review and Photos by Michael Klein

    Review Samples Courtesy of Hot Toys

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