Are you prepared?

Dealers and Retailers: Lots of bad stuff can happen from your store to Comic-Con and back...

...An action figure gets damaged on your way to the show

...A valuable comic gets stolen while you are helping another customer

...The great deals you picked up at the show and shipped home get lost by UPS

Are you prepared? You need specialized dealer insurance to protect your inventory - and your livelihood.

Collectibles Insurance Services' dealer insurance covers you while you’re at shows and so much more:

* Protects your inventory while being transported AND at shows

* Covers items while being shipped

* Extends to consignment materials

* Provides coverage at multiple locations

* Includes coverage for theft, fire, flood, all natural disasters and breakage

Applying for coverage is easy. You can download an application online or call 888-837-9537 and Collector's Insurance will be happy to email, fax or mail you one. The application includes questions regarding:

- Your inventory, how it is sold and how it is stored
- What types of records you keep for your inventory
- Information about your premise (where you keep the inventory)

Once completed, you can email, fax or mail your application back along with check or credit card payment.

Get a quote today! Call 888-837-9537 (8:30-5pm ET) or CLICK HERE to get a quote online.

When calling or completing an application, be sure to indicate you are a member of in order to receive 5% off your first term premium.

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Since 1966, Collectibles Insurance Services has been "insuring today's treasures from tomorrow's tragedy." As a company founded by fellow collectors, we understand that your collection is worth so much more than just money. And as experts in collectibles insurance, we know standard homeowners insurance alone isn't enough to replace your treasures.