Nifty Batman-themed USB drives perfect for your utility belt...

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In 2005 Mimoco unveiled the next step in the evolution of USB flash drives, the MIMOBOT. Emblazoned with unique art and characters, they actually made storage devices fun! Fast forward to 2011 and MIMOBOTS have exploded with licenses like Star Wars and Hello Kitty, not to mention community designs and exclusive artist creations. The latest addition to the line is none other than DC Comics, and leading the way is the Dark Knight himself. On sale now are the members of the Batman x MIMOBOT USB Flash Drive Collection: Batman, Robin, the Joker, and Catwoman!

MIMOBOTS surround high quality USB drives with a firm plastic shell in the general shape of a tall-headed humanoid. At about 2.5 inches tall and 1 inch wide, they’re the perfect size for travel and use, while at the same time being fun collectibles. The beauty of the MIMOBOT is its simplicity, and the “sculpt” is limited to the general soft body shape, stumpy arms, and optional head decorations like the pointed ears on Batman and Catwoman. And while most of the characters have a distinct head top that fits flush with the body, some MIMOBOTs like Robin have hairpieces that over the main body. Pop off the top of a MIMOBOT’s head to reveal the USB port (utilizing high speed USB 2.0 and fully Mac/PC compatible), and secure it again with a solid snap. Most MIMOBOTs are available in your choice of capacities: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB. Mimoco even goes a step further by offering exclusive pre-loaded “Mimory” including fun wallpapers, icons, and more.

The main Batman x MIMOBOT collection consists of four characters, available now. Each one comes to you in the same package, a sleek and fun window box. Tall and narrow, these MIMOBOT boxes are bright yellow and black, bringing to mind two of Batman’s classic colors. Surrounded by a MIMOBOT silhouette cutout the individual characters are visible on the left side of the front panel, surrounded by the Batman logo, the storage capacity, the MIMOBOT logo, and the character’s name. Interestingly, while the other three are packaged with their ports exposed, Robin does not.

The back of each box has a brief announcement about the partnership between Mimoco and DC Comics along with images of each drive and a handful of other available characters. Open any of the MIMOBOT boxes and the first thing you’ll see is a handy pronunciation guide! And that’s still not all; behind the plastic tray holding the MIMOBOT is a fold out insert with a cool image of the four characters on a Gotham backdrop.

When it comes to creating a lineup for Gotham’s finest heroes and most dastardly villains, certain characters are easy choices. Batman is first and foremost, and so he headlines the MIMOBOT line. Mimoco went with a “modern” look for Bruce Wayne with a blue and gray costume. Turning the Bat into a Dynamic Duo of course requires a Robin, and for that we’ve got Wayne’s last sidekick, Tim Drake. Gotham is replete with villains, none more iconic than the Joker and Catwoman! The paint jobs on the Batman x MIMOBOT figures are excellent, really capturing the unique characters with a glossy finish.

Batman’s blue contrasts nicely with the darker colors on his costume and the shadow across his face, and the fine details include his bat symbol and the multi-functional utility belt complete with batarang! Similarly, Robin’s bright red and yellow uniform has a utility belt, “R” symbol, and more, and to bring out the darker colors blue is used in the black of his hair and cape.

The Joker really stands out here (when doesn’t he?) with his garish white makeup, enormous smile filled with yellow teeth, and the dubious collection of purple, orange, and green in his outfit. Catwoman is all business in her gray-highlighted black catsuit, her sultry eyes staring out of blue goggles and a coy smile on her lips. All of the MIMOBOTS are painted in the round with clothing and hair extending around their bodies, and you’ll find plenty of cool little details on every one of them.

The fun doesn’t stop with the MIMOBOTs as cool-looking collectibles or functional USB drives... Hidden within each Batman X MIMOBOT is “Mimory” chock full of cool stuff for your computer. Each drive comes with the same content broken down into four categories. Avatars gives you five choices of images to represent you (the four characters plus a Bat signal), and all come in two sizes (50x50 and 80x80). Icons holds 43 unique logos and images to use on your computer running the gamut from mini MIMOBOTs to symbols, stylized drives and folders, and more.

A fun Screensaver featuring the Batman x MIMOBOTs fighting in Gotham city works on Mac or PC in a variety of different screen sizes. Finally, the Wallpapers folder has a huge amount of images in sizes designed for mobile devices, iPads, and all shapes and sizes of computer screens!

The Batman x MIMOBOT collection is on sale now, with each MIMOBOT available in 2, 4, 8, or 16GB. These are perfect for Batman fans of all ages, combining the function of a USB drive with the cool character designs of Gotham city. There’s even a special limited edition Vintage Batman MIMOBOT on sale through the Mimoco website that harkens back to the early days with a black and gray costume! And, Mimoco’s DC domination continues with the just-announced Green Lantern MIMOBOTs!

Don't forget to enter our Mimoco DC Comics Mimbots Giveaway for a chance at winning all four of the Batman Mimobots reviewed here!

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Review and Photos by Scott Rubin

Review Samples Courtesy of Mimoco