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    Hot Toys IRON MAN 2 Mark VI

    Never enough armor for Tony Stark...

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    From the moment the very first figure in Hot Toysí Iron Man MMS collection was released, the line has been a bonafide hit with collectors and Marvel fans alike. Today we take an in-depth look at the Iron Man 2 Mark VI MMS collectible figure and explore itís wide range of customization options and details. So how exactly does the latest Iron Man 2 figure measure up? Read on to find out...

    PACKAGE: As far as the packaging goes, thereís nothing new here that we havenít seen before. The design is consistent with all the previous Iron Man 2 MMS figures with itís slick metallic outer sleeve design, which looks great when placing all figures side by side on a shelf. The inner box has a unique die-cut design along the edges of the plastic window which looks great but is nothing extravagant. The back of the inner box feature a unique yet simple schematic of the Mark VI torso. The entire box features a great looking weathered metallic crimson pattern that symbolizes the rough surface of the Mark VI suit after it has seen its fair share of action. The figure and plethora of accessories that accompany it are all securely contained within two separate trays that interconnect. Overall, I was not overly impressed with the packaging on this figure, but then again, Itís whatís on the inside that really matters.

    SCULPT: Oh boy, where do I begin. While this figure does share a few parts with itís predecessor the Mark IV, it feature an extensive amount of newly-developed parts in the armor that make it one-of-a-kind. The Mark VI has an enormous amount of detailed parts such as the two interchangeable chest pieces (normal and battle-damaged). There is also a battle-ridden left arm that features exposed wiring and hydraulics protruding from a tear in the bicep as featured in the film after the final battle with Whiplash 2.0.

    The Mark VI includes two interchangeable heads, one which light-up function and one with a Tony Stark portrait which can be exposed by removing the face plate on the mask via built-in magnets. The Tony Stark head sculpt is the same as the one included with the Mark IV only this time it has been cut up to fit within the confines of the helmet. This is not the first time that Hot Toys has released a battle-damaged figure of Iron Man but this particular figure is an enormous improvement in comparison to its predecessor. This figure includes an awesome bonus in the form of an extra diorama base depicting the battle ground in which Iron Man and War Machine battle the military drones in Iron Man 2. The highly detailed base features the bat mangled torso of a vanquished military drone lying on the disrupted Stark Expo grounds where Tony Stark and James Rhodes teamed up to face the countless enemy drones sent to destroy them. The Mark VI is a sculptural masterpiece from head to toe and one can easily tell that designing this figure was a true labor of love For Hot Toysí artists.

    PAINT: The metallic red and gold paint on the Mark VI is applied flawlessly among the entire body. The battle-damage details on the figure look incredibly life-like adding realism to the overall look of the piece. The Tony Stark Robert Downey portrait head is also colored incredibly well resulting in a very natural look which contrasts extremely well against the shininess of his mech suit. The Navy drone diorama base is also painted beautifully which is of no surprise coming from a Hot Toys figure.

    ARTICULATION: While Hot Toys has done their very best at articulating this figure, the Mark VI is not as versatile as we would want it to be. This is mostly due the complex nature of the Mark VI suit and itís complex engineering. Regardless of this, I have to applaud Hot Toys for making this and the Mark IV figure, the most versatile Iron Man figures to date. Just like the Mark IV and War Machine figures, the Mark VI also includes a pair of hands with fully articulated fingers which one of the coolest features I have ever seen on a 1/6 scale figure.

    The Iron Man 2 Mark VI 1/6th scale action figure features the following articulated joints:
    - Ball-Socket Head (20
    - Ball-Socket Shoulders
    - Hinged Elbows
    - Ball-Socket Wrists
    - Ball-Socket Torso
    - Ball-Socket Inner Thighs
    - Hinged Knees
    - Hinged Ankles
    - Hinged Back Air Brake Panels
    - Hinged Air Brake Ankle Panels
    - Hinged Finger Hands

    ACCESSORIES/FEATURES: Aside from itís amazing looks, the Mark VI has several other surprises in store for collectors such as the ejecting shoulder micro munitions pods sans spring-loaded function this time around. I am very glad that Hot Toys decided to do away with that feature because it was quite annoying how the munitions pods would eject from the shoulders of the Battle Damaged Mark III with the slightest touch.

    This figure also includes concealed wrist lasers which are cleverly stowed away underneath the wrist armor panels. The Mark VI also includes a set of detachable forearm rocket panels to give Iron Man that super battle-ready look. I found the task of removing and re-attaching the forearm panels to be quite cumbersome. Thankfully, Hot Toys and cleverly designed a specialized tool that makes it much easier to pry open the armor panels. If all these amazing features were not enough, Hot Toys has also produced a limited batch of these figures which include an additional armored forearm piece that can attach to any TrueType figure including Black Widow ďhint hintĒ.

    Unlike its predecessor, the Mark VI has extensive damage all around the body and features the following interchangeable damaged parts:
    - Right Shoulder Pad
    - Upper Chest Chassis
    - Left Arm
    - Thigh Armors
    - Face Mask
    - Bicep Armors

    OVERALL: Hot Toys has continued to push the envelope in regard to detail and articulation with every new Iron Man figure release. Their latest and greatest MMS figure of the Mark VI suit from Iron Man 2 stands as a testament to the one-of a kind craftsmanship that can only come from Hot Toys. So did the Iron Man 2 Mark VI MMS action figure make the grade? The answer to that is a no-brainer. Unfortunately, this figure is sold out almost everywhere so if you did not manage to get your hand on one yet, you might want to check your local comic shops or the secondary market to find one.

    Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

    Review Sample Courtesy of Hot Toys

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