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    NECA's Army of Two: The 40th Day (2010)

    Mediocre game. Excellent action figures.

    January 2010
    5.5" x 11"

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    While Army of Two: The 40th Day made considerable improvements over the first title, its focus on two-player cooperative play made for an awkward solo experience. Needless to say, I didn't enjoy playing it much but NECA's incredibly action figures of Rios and Salem more than made up for it. It's all about the cool masks, unique body armor and intricate tattoos applied to the figures. Each came armed with a G36 assault rifle, Dragunov sniper rifle and automatic pistol too, which was great, aside from the fact that they lacked decent articulation to use them with. Regardless, for display purposes, these figures rocked.

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    Re: NECA's Army of Two: The 40th Day

    Compared to the first game, I couldn't stand the second one. While the first one had a pretty decent and believable story and great dialogue, the second took itself way too seriously and I just got bored.

    The figures were just okay for me, for a game where you spend most of the time crouched behind cover you had pretty much no movement below the waist. A bummer, but as you said still great just for display.

    Game must have tanked though, as I remember when they announced these that different retailers would get different weapons and masks but as far as I know nothing ever came of that.

    Great post!

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    Thumbs down Re: NECA's Army of Two: The 40th Day

    Gotta agree with you wesitron, NECA totally dropped the ball with these figures.
    The articulation sucked, for action-orientated characters these are just pathetic. The fact both of them came with the same set of weapons when the game had an abundance of different and customisable weapons was an laughable. FAIL.
    Before anything it should have been agreed that this would be a two pack, they did it for some Gears of War figures so they could have done it here. They're the Army of TWO! C'mon, clues in the title guys. With the larger packaging you can also throw more items in, a couple of different masks for each character and a selection of weapons, maybe a few add-ons like grips and shields etc. DONE.
    Don't get me wrong, this isn't a let's diss NECA rant, far from it. I think some of their figures are sublime. I realise they have a tooling budget to adhere to and that more than likely came into play here. However, if they can make a figure like Dante from Dante's Inferno then by comparison these guys were a complete disaster.
    Yes, I am bitter these guys turned out the way they did, lol!

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