Jabba's porcine palace guards finally make their long-awaited 1/6 scale debut...

Sideshow's 12" Gamorrean Guard is IN-STOCK NOW priced at $119.99.

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It has been over two years since Sideshow caught everyone by surprise with the release of their 1/6th scale Jabba the Hutt and throne environment. Although several familiar characters from the unforgettable Return of the Jedi scene have seen release, such as Bib Fortuna and Leia in her Bousch bounty hunter disguise, the most iconic creature of them all - the Gamorrean Guard - was surprisingly absent from the line. Fans have been requesting the Gamorrean Guard for a long time but Sideshow's design team was just figuring out which would be the best way to execute the oversized creature in the 1/6 scale. Now after its long-anticipated release, the portly snot-nosed pig guard has finally been released. Today we take a good look at this new "Scum and Villainy" alien and see if the 1/6 scale Gamorrean Guard by Sideshow Collectibles meets our expectations and is worth the long wait.

PACKAGE: The new Gamorrean Guard figure is housed within the same multi-layered package as all other Sideshow Star Wars 12" figures. The main difference with this particular figure of course is the size of the box itself. The Gamorrean Guard is one of the largest 1/6 scale alien creatures released in this line to date therefore he has a much bigger window-box and tray specially made for it.

The connecting cardboard panel between both trays features a mini-bio that elaborates on the Gamorrean species and also provides product specs regarding what is included with the figure. The main left panel features the typical "Scum and Villainy" intro created by Sideshow along with the official logo emblazoned above. Aside from the main figure box and tray, the Gamorrean's weapons are stored within a thinner window box that includes an additional pair of hands, a battle staff and axe. Both window boxes come together in the form of a book and remains shut by way of Sideshow's ingenious magnetized design.

The exterior of the box features various images of the nasty porcine guard in various poses along with the "Scum and Villainy" logo and showcases images of the Greedo and Hammerhead figures along with images from Return of the Jedi in which the Gamorrean Guard is featured. From the very beginning of the line, Sideshow designed these amazing packages with mint-in-box collectors in mind making it easy to remove and re-package the figure and accessories and giving the package an all around great look that that looks cool opened or archived on a shelf side by side.

SCULPT: The Gamorrean Guard is composed of a newly-developed rotocast body specifically made to suit it's unique physical attributes. The sculpted details featured all over the Gamorrean Guard's body are nothing short of amazing. The head portrait flawlessly captures the essence and iconic look of the grotesque piggy creature as seen in Return of the Jedi. The arms, legs and hands feature incredible sculpted detail which resembles realistic wrinkles and veins.

The guard's armored shoulder pads and gauntlets are intricately detailed and have a realistic weathered look to them. The Gamorrean Guard's removable helmet is another example of the masterful artistry of Sideshow's sculptors. Unlike most other Star Wars figures in the line, The Gamorrean needed to be completely sculpted from the ground up and Sideshow's artists deserve to be commended for the T.L.C. they put into capturing all the intricate details on this figure.

PAINT: Although the sculpt work is basically flawless, the paint application on such an iconic creature as the Gamorrean Guard could either make or break it. Fortunately, the paint application on this figure is a true work of art. The Gamorrean's mossy green-colored flesh is painted seamlessly along all of his visible extremities with no visible flaws. The head is painted just as if it were a real movie prop with the highest level of details which consists of several multi-colored washes that bring out all the intricate details on the sculpt. A glossy finish was applied to the snout of the Gamorrean to re-create that slimy wet look the guards had in the film.

No minor detail was left unattended on this figure as evident in the realistically colored pointed teeth protruding upward from the creature's jaw and the weathered down colors of the horns on its head. The armored pieces and helmet on the Gamorrean's wardrobe feature an amazing level of dry-brushing giving the pieces a semi-rusted weathered down look adding more realism to this amazing piece. No detail was spared on this piece when it comes to its paint job. Even the fingernails feature multi-colored shading.

ARTICULATION: Considering that the Gamorrean Guard's oversized body is made up of a rotocast buck, its lack of articulation should not come as a surprise. Yes, the Gamorrean Guard does in-fact come up short in the versatility department in comparison to other 12" Star Figures in the line but with the creature's excessively high caloric intake of fatty foods, such limitations are warranted. I mean, come on folks, it's not like your gonna display your Gamorrean Guard performing a complex kung fu battle stance or anything like that. The Gamorrean Guard features articulation where it is most needed to both support his top-heavy physique and also pull off some decent poses to re-enact the Jabba's Palace scenes from Jedi.

The Gamorrean Guard features the following points of articulation:

- Ball-socket head
- Ball-socket ankles
- Ball-socket and swivel wrists
- Ball-socket inner thighs
- Ball-socket shoulders
- Swivel biceps
- Swivel waist

WARDROBE AND ACCESSORIES: If a an amazingly detailed sculpt and visually stunning paint job is not enough, the Gamorrean Guard also includes a vibro-lance, vibro-axe and an extra set of hands specifically made to firmly grip each weapon. The Gamorrean's wardrobe consists of several different types of fabrics with leather-like accents and a thick fur coat that surrounds his mid section. The wardrobe was tailor-made to fit the Gamorrean's rotund and muscular features without limiting its range of movement.

OVERALL: After pulling this bad boy out of its package and playing around with the figure I have to say that Sideshow has exceeded my expectations on this figure and I highly recommend it to all Star Wars fans. The Gamorrean Guard is AVAILABLE NOW at Sideshow's website priced at $119.99. There will also be another a Gartogg Gamorrean coming out later this year with a different head sculpt which will also include a different smaller axe and vibro-spear. A Jabba's palace diorama is really coming around now with the addition of these amazing new figures and now all we need is some Skiff Guards to put the icing on the cake.

Review and Photos by Jorge Pelaez

Review Sample Courtesy of Sideshow Collectibles